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The Answer To Burn Out At Work Isn’t "Self-Care"—It’s Unionizing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/15/answer-burn-out-work-isnt-self-care-its-unionizing


I’m as happy as a rats ass. I retired at age 54 (now 72) at a modest pension from a union represented industry. You get better benefits, pay, on the job treatment AND representation in case of disagreements. I always hear from republicans that they hate unions because of the monthly dues, but I would GLADLY pay 100 per mo for the benefits I was getting when I retired in 2001. Congress should pass the EFCA to make it easier to join or form a union. UNION YES!!!


But eating a salad isn’t going to fix the systemic problems at your workplace, nor will getting a massage give you a voice on the job, or increase your paycheck.

A nice poke in the eye to all those “New Age” types. I worked for one such organization long ago and was a strong supporter for unionizing. Every one of the so called leaders was fired under another pretext but two can play the same game. We sued and prevailed. The group we fought to unionize were a really tough bunch as in “holier-than-though”. As we were being sent off the property I hollered at them in front of all their clients (to the horror of management)–unionize because you will be next!

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Working toward a better world begins with creating one in the workplace


To me non-profits such as CC provide a stepping stone for workers to gain knowledge and work experience and move on after the grant you are working is no longer getting start up dollars.
But, non-profits can be run like cults. Cult business management needs to be recognized in today’s workplace. When cult like management behavior is demonstrated in the non-profit workplace, forming a union is a great educational stepping stone for your next job.

I strongly disagree with the title here. Unionizing is part of self care! Loving and valuing yourself might take you to empathize and value others so you can get things that you and your community deserve. It might be the reason you want to join or even start a union. I believe we should think about this a little more broadly and profoundly. Pitting Unionizing against self care in the title not only sounds narrow minded but false.