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The Anthropocene is Real: Humanity Has Pushed Earth Into a New Epoch


The Anthropocene is Real: Humanity Has Pushed Earth Into a New Epoch

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Anthropocene Epoch has begun, according to a group of experts assembled at the International Geological Congress in Cape Town, South Africa this week.


Our species is headed for extinction, while some are looking for a "golden spike"! What utter idiocy! A species with such a high level of stupidity with its "educated" members and "leaders" doesn't DESERVE to exist!!


So the Capitalists are destroying the world?

Who couldn't see that coming for the past 100 years?


I posted many years ago that unfortunately, the fossil fuel industry and the other greedy plutocrats that keep denying climate change will probably not wake up until there is some kind of world wide catastrophe that kills millions, including their families.

It reminds me of the 10 plagues in Egypt where the Pharaoh did not wake up until the plague killed his son. Lets all hope I am wrong, but this latest article among others, is proving me correct.


It wasn't just the out of control capitalists and their sickness of greed and power. It was us, just like Pogo said. The enemy is us. The insufferable levels of consumption and waste. I just read that nearly half of the food prepared in the United States is wasted. We drive huge vehicles that guzzle gas and spew pollution, live in poorly insulated houses and take weekend trips to Aruba on a jet. Etc, etc. It has all been adding up and now we are about to be bitten in the ass by a natural world that doesn't give a damn about our hypocritical concern for "saving the planet". Politics as it has been practiced with all the sellouts to money and the lame ass posturing means nothing to a planet that is composed of interlocking systems of biology, geology and physics.
Most of the predictions of the level of global warming are usually inadequate to describe what is actually happening. The rate of species extinction is also increasing and our politics is going to save us? Especially with the rise of conservative and even repressive governments around the world? Not likely at all. George Carlin was correct when he said that we are not going to kill the planet. It will survive and perhaps even thrive again after the appalling "Anthropocene". However, we are doing a great job of making the planet unviable for the human race and millions of other species.


??? Trying to get a grasp of your overall point...


Nicely stated.


I am reminded of the Hopi Prophecy.


The Creator gifted the lands of the America's to the Hopi to preserve for his return. In the prophecy another people come to the lands and destroy the balance as hearts follow the path of evil intentions.


Two words: Precautionary Principle


Whether it is finally decided to name a new epoch or not it seems obvious that we have created big trouble for ourselves on this planet. Perhaps no other outcome was possible once people put their faith into technology providing a better future.


"[I]f current trends continue."...sigh. We are going to need a miracle at this point.


Doesn't Trump remind you of the Wizard of Oz who will save us, LOL?


Humanity has pushed earth into a new epoch" , which will most likely end, very soon.


Nobody said that 7+ billion people need to "get off the Earth" or mentioned eugenics. Where did you get that? Nobody called people "useless eaters". Plus, rhetoric like "thinning of the herd". Your choice of words is very poor in this post. They indicate a real aggression toward the facts presented by some very concerned scientists.
Yes, it would be better in the long run if the nations of the word could agree to population control techniques and also that people could afford to do without so much stuff. Our farmland is showing signs of exhaustion and we have been losing precious topsoil for many decades. The oceans are fished out and many fish stocks that we used to take for granted (North Atlantic Cod for instance) are at levels of 5-10% of what they were a century ago. The oceans are also warming and becoming more acidic as they "fix" more and more excess CO2 from human activities.
It is clear that the Earth simply cannot sustain such exploitation from so many people. It is also very unlikely that some super duper technical solution is going to come about and help us solve most of these problems. The proponents of "geo-engineering" such as dumping vast quantities of iron filings into the ocean to remove excess CO2 from the water or spraying huge amounts of aerosols into the atmosphere to block some of the solar radiation just continue the arrogance and folly that we can fix things using the same mentality that created the problems in the first place. Einstein said that and he was right.


Trump reminds me of the village idiot.


A principle that Capitalists never practice for fear of limiting profits.

Here's one for you: Georgia Guidestones.


As I have been saying for many years....In many ways, the human species are the dumbest creatures that have lived on this planet.


And of course this has nothing whatsoever to do with people totally ignoring overpopulation. Let's define the problem, then blame pretty much everything except the root cause. What do you mean having children is a problem?


And yet...we will not change one little thing, will not change one little bit. And when I say we, I'm referring to those of us in the countries causing most of the damage, those of us living privileged lives in highly 'developed' wealthy states. We will refuse to do anything differently, we will refuse to do anything we don't want to do, like permanent, spoiled adolescents. We will not restrain ourselves in any way. We will not change what we eat or what we buy or how much of anything we consume. We will not reconsider our decisions about how many children we have or if we should have them at all (those of us in rich countries for many of whom having children is a decision we make). We will vote for the people who offer us the best lies: that we don't have to worry, that we can keep living the way we do, that we have time, that the economy is all that matters, that the equity we have and the portfolios we keep will make us richer and richer. We will travel however and whenever we want on whatever we want. We will play whatever games and sports we want, like children, no matter the impact. We will eat any kind of meat and we will eat as much of it as we want and we will demand it all cheap. We will drive and idle and waste gas in toy boats and seadoos and atvs. We will buy and throw away, buy and throw away. And when the s..t finally hits the fan in our neck of the woods, we will whine and wail and blame. Why weren't we warned? Why weren't we saved? This is on us. We have not been brave. Sorry to be a downer, but...as Nick Cave sang, it's getting darker and closer to the end.


And plants are the smartest. Seriously.