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The ‘Anti-Knowledge’ of the Elites


The ‘Anti-Knowledge’ of the Elites

Mike Lofgren

In a previous piece, I described how the Republican Party and its ideological allies in the fundamentalist churches have confected a comprehensive media-entertainment complex to attract low-information Americans and turn them into partisans.


Love this guy's analysis! Wow... telling it like it is big time.

So that's why!

So that is what happened!

So that's what is going on under our noses!

Damn straight Mike.

Appreciate the knowledgable piece about Anti-Knowledge. Thanks


Excellent article.

When Trump brought up 9/11 and said it happened on Bush's watch and so, Bush was culpable for not keeping us safe, Stephanie Ruhle's retort: " HOLD ON, YOU CAN'T SAY THAT"! Why not, Stephanie ? But if Jeb said he kept us safe, that is okay? Harry Truman use to have a sign on his desk that read: THE BUCK STOPS HERE. The fact remains that in spite of Jeb's ignis fatuus that " he kept us safe" Bush had 3,000 innocent people murdered while he was POTUS and he is guilty of not keeping 3,000 American citizens safe!


The entitled fear the tyranny of (informed) democracy.


The author does a good job of pointing out the alternate reality consensus the elite push but doesn't put enough on the presstitutes and their owners.

"The principal enforcer of those taboos is the prestige media. Their main method is to define “objectivity” to mean “a refusal to judge.""

It's no simple misinterpretation of objectivity that drives them. They have to compliment the Emperor's new clothes or they'll be banished to the backwater. Their owners and those in power drive their agenda.

If it weren't for the internet we'd get no real news at all.


Excellent. Now let's move on to average America, which is also steeped in these logical fallacies, myopic views of the world, inability to think critically, and immense sense of entitlement. "The anthropologist E. T. Hall, in “Beyond Culture,” put it this way: Everything man is and does is modified by learning and is therefore malleable. But once learned, these behavior patterns, these habitual responses, these ways of interacting gradually sink below the surface of the mind and, like the admiral of a submerged submarine fleet, control from the depths. The hidden controls are usually experienced as though they were innate simply because they are not only ubiquitous but habitual as well.” Exactly. The press functions the way it does , in my opinion, because they are essentially the same as everyone else, have been indoctrinated to think that way, and cannot step back to see the big picture. Just have a few conversations with them--you'll see. They honestly think that way.


This is excellent and from a guy who's been inside the belly of the beast, swam through the bile therein; surviving, too, without getting mortally wounded intellectually or developing an incurable disease ( avarice ). Take note Hillary, this was about you and your foundation. Take note " Smilen Joe " this was about your Delaware buddies. Hello, Fearless Leader Obama, this was about you and Big Pharma. Hello, Sen. Schumer, your alley cat scent drifts from these words; that's you and AIPAC being " framed ", here. And, the running lackeys of the MSM, WaPo and the NY Times, Mr. Lofgren has got your number here, too; with your company man, b.s. To the majority of Slick Willie's DLC/DNC compatriots, and the so-called progressive cowards like Mayor DeBlasio and Sens. Bennett and Booker, et al; hoping for personal gain and fame in 2016 from these centrist, triangulating know-it-alls. Just remember former Sen. Timothy Udall, (D) of Colorado. He listened to you idiots about focus groups and " electability " and got told by the Colorado voters to take a permanent hike. Your callowness is making President Truman's words truer every day, 1) " My choice early in life was either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And, to tell the truth, there's hardly any difference. 2) " Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear. "


And, since you brought him up here, Mr. Chomsky has been invited to Venezuela by President Maduro to explain to the world, and to some doubters, what is sometimes referred to as Libertarian Socialism. That would be interesting. I hope he takes him up on the invitation.


Naming names and taking no prisoners. I like that. Mme. DeFarge, where are you?


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"If it weren't for the Internet, we'd get no real news at all."

And the Internet is under attack and may cease to be of help. They'll go after porn and then treasonous opinions, then bit by bit they'll slice away everything that isn't 100% supportive of the Corporate-MIC Party Line.

They have those camps set up as holding pens for "dangerous dissenters," but they won't need them. They'll just "access denied" anyone who might possibly be potentially troublesome and their online availability of money and everything else that's essential will be "down." We will "serve at the pleasure of the plutocracy" or we'll be digitally deleted.


Black Agenda Report's been virtually unreachable for a week now. Feels real bad, man. Real bad.

I don't even want to think about what it'd be like to have CD, Counterpunch, the Intercept, ZNet and EFF go offline...


it shouldn't, because they're fine. just updating some platformware on the site. I was just there. It pays to be a bit patient before jumping to certain conclusions. they're not banned because they're not a threat. same as this place, same as counterpunch.


The "elite" also share a commitment to do nothing about the climate that might possibly disturb the existing power structures. In this, as in so much else, they do not at first appear to share the views of the yahoos of the right - but the net effect is the same. If they can't have it all, they don't give a dean what happens to the planet.


"Just let the President tell me where he wants me." ---Dan Rather, idiot and presstitute, 9/11/2001 on national TV (Letterman).


Not "sometimes called." "Libertarian socialism" - meaning the anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist thread of socialism that goes back to Bakunin and Kropotkin - IS called "libertarian socialism".


In your effort to pretend that nothing has changed, you left out the fact that Manufacturing Consent has seen a major upping of its ante. The taboo on questioning the False Flag--and its subsequent use of constant streams of propaganda--invited in a TOTAL surveillance state and that is new.

It also invited in a President who goes to war "at his pleasure" under the guise of fighting the ubiquitous Terrorist Bogeyman; and it has collapsed all checks and balances on a prior law-based nation.

The Fourth Reich style fascism attempted by Hoover and friends is now fully underway aided and abetted by a captured media, a deceived (percentage thereof) public, a muscular Homeland Security adjunct to the M.I.C., corrupted courts, and impossible sums of money in just a few tainted hands.


Exactly. It is depressing, but we all need to remind ourselves that what we here consider our daily bread of critical news and analysis - Counterpunch, Commondreams, Truthout, Truthdig, Black Agenda Report, Znet, Jacobin, WSWS, etc... lie in an obscure corner of the internet - probably less than 1% of USAns have ever herd of or visit any of the websites. To much of the hard-right - the ones that consider the Democratic Party or Planned Parenthood to be "socialist", the left blogosphere is so totally foreign to them that it is like that old story (not actually true) that indigenous Americans not being able to "see" European ships coming over the horizon.

So no, we don't disturb the elite consensus at all. Znet has seen some serious DOS attacks, but they are probably coming from a lone-wolf - possibly not even someone on the right, but rather a Trot who does not like Znet's libertarian socialist bent.


Let's not forget Bush's easing of coal-fired electric plant regulations that led to an extra 18,000 deaths per year from lung ailments. That adds up to 144,000 dead over the course of his eight years in office. Makes the 3,000 of 9/11 a drop in the bucket. Add the huge numer of dead in Iraq and Afghanistan and I'd like to know who he kept "safe."


" I would like to know who he kept safe."
All I can think of is that Bush kept safe the modus operandi of what he was told to do: ENDLESS WARS; FOR ENDLESS WAR PROFITS; WITH ENDLESS LIES!