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The Anti-War Position Bernie Sanders Can Represent


The Anti-War Position Bernie Sanders Can Represent

Jack Werner

Whether it’s on the left or the right, the 2016 presidential race hasn’t substantially changed our public discussions about U.S. foreign policy. No candidate has challenged the normalized, covert operations of American Empire. No candidate has rethought the basic assumptions underlying the supremacy of U.S. military power.

"There’s a huge opening to critique the economic foundations of America’s wars — one that fits perfectly with the populist anger fueling the rise of Bernie Sanders."


" No candidate has challenged the normalized, covert operations of the American Empire."

True, because Amerika has been a military dictatorship ever since the Gestapo assassinated JFK. And most candidates have no courage and know the unwritten rules, except for a few like Paul Wellstone.

And this culpability goes clear back to Harry S.Truman.

" I never would have agreed to the formation of the CIA back in 47, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo."
Harry S. Truman


I can't imagine that Mr. Sanders lacks the understanding that the wars abroad rob the treasury at home.

From the article:

"The Open Door Policy, Williams argued, guided American foreign relations over the course of the 20th century, turning military power into an agent of economic expansion."

Thomas Friedman put it this way:

"There could be no McDonalds without MacDonnell Douglas."

John Perkins explains how first arm-twisting takes place to win leaders over to U.S. corporate donors' causes, and if that fails, the jackals are sent in to do the dirty work.

Mr. Sanders may or may not dare to speak out against the MIC until he has hold of the official Oval Office. The track record of great risk is obvious... it was when Martin Luther King connected the Vietnam War costs with the depressed opportunities for the poor at home that he was killed.

And when JFK sought to curtail the NSA, CIA, and the efforts of those whose lives depended upon inventing enemies to kill, conquer, and plunder... he, too, was taken out.

When anyone in mass media so much as challenged the Bush Junta's call to war... off with their heads (symbolically) things went.

To challenge the Empire's military apparatus is a very dangerous proposition these days.


And of course Paul Wellstone didn't LIVE to maintain that opposition.

Strange coincidence, isn't it?

Nazi family collaborators whose scion (Bush brothers, Koch Brothers, Dulles Brothers) go on to assume leadership roles seem to live well into longevity.

It's doubtful that the Goddess of FATE takes aim at the peacemakers. But something else does and it resides deep in the shadows.


Yes, strange coincidence. That so many people that had courage like MLK and RFK and others were all murdered by loan nuts, who were like Oswald said " PATSIES "!


"He can and should explain America’s current military adventurism in the Middle East as an artifact of its oil addiction and a product of corporate capitalism."

Bernie could but I don't think Bernie believes that. Bernie pretty much says what he believes. That is why people see him as authentic. If he started describing foreign policy in terms he didn't really believe in he would come off as sounding phony. People should accept him for who he is rather than tying to turn him into someone he isn't.


Agree with your post. However, it must be pointed out that Truman was being disingenuous with this comment as he was warned by George Marshall about terms in the 1947 National Security Act that would do exactly that. Truman didn't listen.


Loan nuts would be bankers who made bad loans. It would be LONE nuts. But I agree otherwise, wholeheartedly.


Appreciate your follow-up. Thanks.


Loan nuts was meant as double entendre. Thanks for your reply.


Although I agree with the substance of the text, I feel compelled to nitpick that Green and Libertarian candidates routinely take anti-war stances.