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The Antidote to Cynical Politics


The Antidote to Cynical Politics

Katrina vanden Heuvel

The Republican presidential race has devolved into a disgraceful display of bigotry and bullying. Media organizations are eager to stoke debate over the Syrian refugee crisis, filling airtime and column inches with baseless xenophobia, but they dedicate little coverage to the plight of hardworking Americans who are struggling to support their families.


Katrina, aren't you a supporter of HRC?


Moral Mondays rock, even if it is a semi-independent wing of the Democratic establishment. KVH i can do without.


You did not really read the article, but use it to posture (rather "narcissist"- and too "cynical"-like I'd say).
I don't care about someone's support for Mrs. Clinton here, nor your interposing Rep./Dem. partisanship. Is any of that what the article was really about, or that we should always have to be about? But I do approve of the attention given to the great MORAL - not "narcissist" or "cynical" - nonviolent movement lead by Rev. Wm. Barber. He's a remarkable leader to have arisen at long last (and I pray in the nick of time!) with an important idea spiritually as well as practically for arousing regular people, of such various backgrounds, politically, racially, religiously, economically, to their common duty as moral agents, not merely citizens (AMERICANS).
You really think he and these good people (AMERICANS), from a Southern state, are for the violence, racism and exploitation that have been going on here and everywhere?! I trust this movement will expand as it has seemed to be doing, getting also to take on even wider causes as it joins up with other movements. We always have to start near to go far or get anywhere, kid.