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The Arc of the Moral Universe


The Arc of the Moral Universe

David Michael Green

Barack Obama is in the habit of borrowing from Martin Luther King to remind us that the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.

Funny, I was just wondering about that last week myself.

Not because Obama has restated the premise, of course. From Arctic drilling, to persecuting – and prosecuting – whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, to viciously slandering rightful critics of his trade deal abominations, Obama has shown that he may be well acquainted with many things, but moral justice is not much one of them.


Glad to see your commentary again, David. “Broken Shards of My Heart” is one of my all-time favorites. Corn and Isikoff’s book “Hubris” is one of the definitive works on the sham/manufactured intelligence. I’m guessing there a more than a few low-level CIA analysts who were/are livid that they are being blamed for “bad” intelligence – where many likely reported all along that there were no WMDs – no Snowdens coming forward from CIA to set the record straight, though …


yes, welcome back, dmg. it’s always a rush getting to read his words. i guess cd needed a shot in the arm, as well. thanks.

btw, let’s not forget dubya’s comments during initial presidential debates (debates being used loosely here), proclaiming his desire for attacking iraq. something to do with that revenge factor over his dad’s humiliation. shock and awe. mission accomplished.


Thanks for the wit and right-on satire in laying out MOST of the lies that led up to the M.E. killing fields/quagmire.

On this point:

" One would have to light a gun on fire to get it to smoke more than that…"

Not a gun. Thermite… as deployed in THE False Flag that put into motion what was already inside the Project for a New American Century’s playbook. These pro-war/empire neocons STILL run the show. They have boatloads of $ used to coerce media talking heads and other PR policy shapers to THEIR line of thinking. It is ALL lies.

I think this analysis COULD go far deeper. By painting the Bush Junta as the “guilty parties,” the likelier fact that this group of misfits answers to more empowered players inside The Deep State can be avoided. After all, it’s not like Obama has put a damper on the War Machine. To the contrary, by arrogating to himself the right to kill–via an assassination LIST, and not exactly closing down Guantanamo, AND using drones, and playing with martial fire in Syria, Yemen, and according to Nick Turse–plans for Africa… it’s not like that same Military-Industrial-Banker-Corporate Complex isn’t still running the show. And doing it very dangerously.

Any metaphysically inclined mind can see that things like the heat wave in India and the floods in Texas, the quake in Nepal, the massive cyclones impacting S.E. Asia, and “the ring of fire” (volcanoes) newly “lit,” are wake-up calls for mankind.

Instead of using muscle and resources in ways that would sustain, improve, and extend life… those running things have created the RUSE of terrorism through a FALSE FLAG event, and through it all of the following have been pursued:

  1. Control of oil
  2. Geo-political advantages (some aimed at keeping the Middle East out of Russian & Chinese hands)
  3. Using terrorism as pretext to rollback Civil Liberties
  4. Providing rationalization for increased military spending, i.e. payoffs to the War Profiteers and blue-blooded weapons’ contractors
  5. Set into motion a population culling–since things like Depleted Uranium, and living in refugee camps take lives when WAR itself does not
  6. Pushing the ethos of Disaster Capitalism whereby the spreading of misery creates business/$ opportunities

And according to some sources, like David Icke, there is also a curious respect given for The Dark Side, a/k/a evil and… what some believe is an entity known as Satan.


“And if all that evidence isn’t enough, consider just a few questions of logic as well, starting with this one: So what if Saddam did in fact have weapons of mass destruction? Since when was that alone ever reason to invade another country? The Soviet Union had a lot of them. Would the invasion of Mother Russia have been a good idea during the Cold War? One thing’s for sure, there wouldn’t be any humans around to debate that question if it had happened.”

I, and many others, were saying this at at time. We had no right to invade Iraq, WMDs or not. The notion that Iraq posed a threat to this country was and is absurd, and everyone knew it.


Scott Ritter, Hans Blix, a soldier named Tortuba (or something along those lines) indeed DID expose some of the lies. Ray McGovern does to an extent, too.


I would not say that “everyone” knew it. After all, Rupert Murdoch’s low-on-truth media control of Fox "news’ did its utmost to bamboozle viewers. Did you read the poll numbers? Something in the order of 60% or MORE of Fox TV viewers were utterly convinced of this.

In a functioning Democracy and/or land UNDER bona fide “law and order,” if a network of sizable viewership LIED that ostensibly to push a case FOR war, it would lose its license. If I ran the show, its owners and upper echelon content controllers would go to jail.

A lot of people did know the truth and more and more now realize that 911 was an Inside Job put into motion to open the GATES of hell… FIXING a case for wars that had already been planned. The weapons were probably designed for them in the same way that fashion designers get clothing ready before it’s introduced on the Paris runway.

A very very silk ILK is pushing elaborate agendas that are KILLING persons, nations, and much of the plant, mineral, and animal worlds.


You are right, eveyone did not know it.


Will it ever, within your own conception, be possible to think that an honest end to a world that turns only for war by those with the push to impose their agendas and get away might come?

I know the most say no. That’s resignation. It fails the both the gift and opportunity of our lives and times.


Meanwhile, the only gangsters being rounded up are the small time thieves who run world soccer. The new Attorney General Loretta Lynch had to orchestrate a raid on those particular thieves all the way over in Switzerland to nab them. Hey, I admit that taking bribes to hold the World Cup in Qatar was a crime, but it’s doesn’t compare with the mass murder launched by Team Bush and carried on by Team Obama.


Great to hear from you again! Your rants against Bush helped me stay sane®. It’s different now, but not better, probably worse. The banality of evil is not to be denied.
Stay strong,
(Chris Hedges has your back)


David, welcome back. You are needed! Thank you.


I must have missed something, I simply said the WMD red herring is irrelevant, the U. S. had no right to attack Iraq, even if Iraq had the bomb. I am well aware of who leads the world in bombs, etc.


Well, DMG welcome back. I thought you had retired to a DLC gated community down in Florida where every morning you all sing the litany of wrongs that that those bad cops regressive republicans are guilty of while praising your side of the duopoly: the Pure Positive Progressives who like any good cop always offer us coke and cigarette right before throwing us in the same anti-democratic slammer we have more or less been sleeping in for the last 35 years.

Oh, that’s right, there’s a big presidential television media event that about to commence and sheer volume of $$$ flying about could even bring me out of retirement.
Thanks for the refresher course on the Bush nasties. Like most of the readers here on CDs I had completely forgotten all the details of this madness. Guess I was just to busy trying to dodge all the drone attacks from the Oh-Bummer while feebly clinging on to my last social security check. Thankfully O-B is laying the ground work to take care of all the political mess and gridlock by streamlining all the complications down to those three infinite wisemen (wise-guys): The Corporate/CEO/Lawyer/Judge Tribunal. Of course we will never see these three individuals directly (they will never be on the David Lettermen Show or any other show), but instead will see some vague Rushmoresque images behind the universal smiling hologram face of Queen Hillary… Bows, genuflections and fainting.

“Thanks again, and thanks for the cigarette (even though I don’t smoke) and that delicious GMO corn sweetend Coke! No I won’t need a hood.”


At the time of the invasion (March 15, 2003) Anniston, Alabama had " 873,020 pounds of sarin, 1,657,480 pounds of VX nerve agent and 1,976,760 pounds of mustard agent". Source: St. Petersburg Times. Florida, not Russia.


A few days ago, CNN said “thousands” marched against the war. The Guardian said “up to 30 million”, “over one million in London”, and “up to one million in Sydney” on Feb 15,2003. Time Magazine said “as many as three million in Rome” and “one million in Barcelona”. Also 100,000 each in NYC and San Fran. Is it good journalism to call 30,000,000 “thousands”?
Welcome back, DMG. Another excellent article. As always.


Excellent article. I didn’t particularly like this part though:

“They’re sound like some teen-age stoner who is desperately seeking to avoid culpability for the hash he’s made of the family car.”

The teenager might be a stoner but that’s besides the point. Chances are pretty good that what made him make hash of the family car was alcohol, not pot.


Even less than absolute power can corrupt. Those who seek and gain it must listen even harder than those who just plod along because their’s is the power to do great harm. We made a mistake trusting Obama but in our defense what choice did we have?


Excellent article. I would say that, in the US, there is no appearance of an “arc of the moral universe.” There is here and now, and America’s “arc” looks more like a knotted ball of yarn.

Liberals today take a pick-and-choose approach to the very concept of “justice.” We see this most strikingly, I think, in their approach to our socioeconomic knotted ball of yarn. Because liberal media’s target audience is middle class consumers and campaign donors, all content is determined by what appeals to this demographic, and all else is excluded.

On Martin Luther King specifically: This generation borrows only from a narrow range of those things MLK actually said and wrote – things that would appeal to middle class America, or at least, not cause them any discomfort. What we won’t hear at MLK Day observances: Rev. King could be quite blunt about the failures of US capitalism. He pointed out that the majority of US poor are white, and explained why it would be in the best interests of the poor – and of the country – for the poor of all races to stand up together, shining a bright light on the “grave flaws” of our economic system, and fighting for actual justice.

I would ask any liberal/progressive this question: We know that not everyone can work (health, etc.), and that there aren’t jobs for all who urgently need one. What is “justice” for them? (Note: One can’t buy a loaf of bread with calls for job creation.)


Bush; Obama: and Tony Bliar, who lied to the British Parliament based on “sexed-up” information from the British Intelligence community. One British intelligence agent leaked the information and then was found hanged after a grilling by the authorities. And of course John Howard, the Prime Minister of Australia was happy also to lie to the Australian Parliament and people about Iraq’s “weapons of mass destruction”, thus costing Australia around $30 billion in fighting in the Iraq war.