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The Arctic is Shell’s New Corporate Crisis


The Arctic is Shell’s New Corporate Crisis

Andy Rowell

Twenty years ago, the oil giant Shell was plunged into a corporate crisis after it was internationally criticised for trying to dump the redundant Brent Spar oil platform in the North Sea and for being complicit in the murder of the acclaimed Nigerian activist, Ken Saro-Wiwa.

As Shell recoiled from the intense public scrutiny and criticism of these two events, the oil giant spent millions rebranding and rebuilding its image. It would take years for Shell to recover.


It does my heart good and restores my faith in humankind to see that colorful flotilla of so many caring, concerned activists placing themselves in harm’s way to protest the imminent/pending destruction of the Arctic by a company totally devoid of compassion or concern for life outside their boardrooms. Love and appreciation goes out to all who participated in the protest against Shell’s nefarious actions and abhorrent monstrosities built to destroy and suck our planet dry.


Lest we overlook our own sins while condemning others, a pet dog or cat, or both, have a carbon footprint similar to driving an SUV. Oh, but fluffy/fido are like family. Alas. And let’s not forget the internet which, if a country, would be the sixth largest energy consumer. Shell, like other fossil fuel giants, are criminal enterprises; accessories to their criminal activities are legion.


SSSooo, you’re saying… what… about pets?.. I mean, if people are breeding them for families to have as pets… well, maybe that is the problem… but, what about all those that are already here?.. Should we turn them all loose?..


We seem to look carefully and critically at everything but our own reflection.