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The Arctic: World War III’s Newest Battlefield

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/10/arctic-world-war-iiis-newest-battlefield


Makes sense.

You should see the connections between Rex Tillerson when he was head of ExxonMobil and Putin and Igor Sechi re oil and gas in the Kara Sea (offshore) - detailed in Rachel Maddow’s incredible expose book “Blowout”, which I am nearly finished.

Reading this article by Michael Klare makes sense because I have read Maddow’s two books, “Drift” & now (almost), “Blowout”.

Reading Chris Hedges current article on Assange - it is possible to feel the chill right up one’s spine.

Sure resembles Lucas’ ‘Star Wars’ - doesn’t it ?


Will Rump be leading the American contingent of soldiers, or will his “bonespurs” prevent him from the exercises?

Or is it his cowardice?

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It will be his cowardice! Although the fat bastard probably couldn’t go 20yards without a golf cart, remember his trip to Europe, where all but his fatassery walked to see some interesting thing or another and trump-o-lard had a golf cart…Absolutely Love it when trump is ridiculed and, would pay money to see him totally, publicly humiliated. Yeah, that’s right, do not like the guy, have zero respect for him and family, cronies. Can hardly wait to read his obituary, hopefully soon!


There is no end to the madness. Our war pigs in both parties won’t be satisfied until they’ve created a reason to use Fat Man and Little Boy’s long line of nasty cousins, waiting in the wings. If they don’t kill us with their inaction on climate change, they’ll takes us all out with a bang in a nuclear exchange. I’m afraid it’s not a matter of “if” but “when.”


“centrality of hydrocarbon production to the country’s economic future.”

Please notice that america has now gone to oil exports to feed our peoples. Mfg was 27% of our workers, but we gave that all away for nothing. Our Nations income is by exporting (selling) agricultural, minerals (includes oil) and the now defunct manufactured goods.

The 22 russian attack subs is a wow. It takes 78 of our nukes to murder 250 million russians. We have 1,600 ready to go. Nobody needs the triad anymore. Missles on railcars instead of inside silo’s Aircraft from our carriers instead of bombers from Kansas. 3 to 5 billion dollar submarines??

One, two, three, four, what are we fight’in for? Well I don’t givea-- - - - -



By any definition, this is madness. Insanity writ large. A “solution” looking for a problem.
If it can’t find one, it will create one in order to justify its continued, metastasizing existence, as civilian infrastructure crumbles and social needs are not met. The melting
of Arctic Ice just gives them a bigger playground, in their delusional view.


The obvious solution is to declare the entire Arctic a “military free zone”, but that won’t happen do the the immense profits defence contractors are making fortifying this region. With an ever increasing military posturing by the United States. Russia has no option but to try to match the aggressive military buildup of by Americans. This is why it is crucial to dismantle the existing hierarchy of corporate selected politicians in D.C. From Warren and Buttigieg to Trump and his cronies, all of them are committed to reinforcing a corrupt and misguided approach to world peace. Hopefully a Sanders presidency will be the beginning of restoring control of the U.S. government to the people.


MAD has assured the World of a managed nuclear peace for a couple of generations at least. Now however, the US is determined to enter a high stakes gamble to pursue full spectrum dominance which will only assure that the restraint of MAD fails and mutual nuclear destruction occurs. Russian territory belongs to Russia and its armed forces have a right to be stationed anywhere thereon. Norwegian territory belongs to Norway and Norwegian armed forces have a right to be stationed anywhere thereon, but nowhere is there any sovereign right for American military forces to be stationed on Norwegian territory or anywhere else in the World besides the United States. American troops in areas abutting Russia are simply a deadly provocation which could lead to WWIII. The US should get the H out!


As I recall from (fiction based on near truths) Tom Clancy’s The Hunt for Red October, the submarine’s keel was laid in on the western side of the Murmansk Fjord, a major waterway in the region. Russia know doubt knows the bathymetry like the back of its hand and the USA likely knows squat. Consequently, the excuse of preemption would likely be necessary to intervene. Time to move the hand on the doomsday clock once more. What a great time to be “led” by an Orange Pustule, likely to pop at a moment’s notice, eh?


The USA, in its idiotic, over-the-top military mindset, is willing to risk mutually assured nuclear destruction for the right to assured climate destruction and extinction of all life through burning dead dinosaur gas and oil.

Only the best people.


The USA gave away its manufacturing for the sake of lower costs and higher profits to families like the Waltons of Walmart fame, and others.


Manufacturing migrated from Detroit area for auto parts suppliers to Fort Wayne Indiana during the 1980’s. Worker wages were $11 to $13 plus benefits in Michigan and at $6,00 in Indiana.

The next step was to Mexico.
Then to China.
The low cost manpower is now India.


“Putin’s Puppet” and “Moscow Mitch” devolve into empty epithets in the face of these actions, wouldn’t you say?

Of course, this is a bipartisan exercise in strategic suicide.

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First, thanks for calling attention to this situation.
The US is bad enough about promoting militarism, it sad that Norway and Russia are so into it too.
That said, I’ve heard about imminent nuclear disaster since the 1950s and we are still here. I doubt any of the players has any real stomach for nuclear action, they are likely doing this for profits, for looking tough to their home bases, and to satisfy the armchair warriors in high places who like drama.

The world will cheer the day the monster dies.

Just like in “Frankenstein.”

I am quite sure you are right.

But I am even more certain of Murphy’s Law.

I think you might consider looking up some of the facts about what happened to Russia in WWII. It is likely that the real reason for the war was the destruction of Russia. The empowerment of Hitler was aided and abetted by the US and Britain who helped finance the Nazi’s.

Hatred for Russia by the corrupt Western powers has been around for a long time. It never let up post war. Russia’s posture since has been mostly defensive and reactive. They lost 29 million people in WWII and most of their cities were destroyed. This is destruction unimaginable to Americans.

They do not intend to ever allow this to happen to them again. I would hardly consider their military posture offensive. They fought for their very existence in WWII and if they have to do it again, they will be ready.

Trump supposedly ran on the promise of having better relations with Russia which would have been a very good thing. It was a lie of course, but many Americans desire this. Far better to have a good relationship with an interesting country that we have far more in common with than Saudi Arabia or Israel.


The stark heading says it all. The Arctic is the latest battlefield, one of many flashpoints globally where WWIII might break out. There are now so many it is becoming increasingly difficult to ultimately avoid nuclear war. But there is very little discussion. For an exploration check out the free e-book, Never Forget the Ghosts of History – WordPress , and the accompanying essay.