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The Armed Bureaucracy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/14/armed-bureaucracy

COPs should be reqired to buy individule private malpractice insurance policies - just like Doctors and architects. And a requirement that you can’t be a cop with out it.

If the free market is so great, let it sort them out.
It would give victims the ability to sue without the municipality (people) getting hosed and prevent a bad cop form simply moving from town to town


Sounds reasonable, I would add, that if found guilty in either criminal or civil court, they lose the ability to police, in any way, for life.

“Sooner or later they end up in a cage, where (they) belong”
If only that were true for the coward cops committing these crimes.


Well, the job should be more highly paid AND have a much higher criteria for acceptance in the program, including psychological testing also

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I certainly can’t disagree with what you’ve said, especially the psychological testing. They also need to stop all training with Israeli police, they clearly don’t believe in human rights for all, something our police should be constantly striving for.


A police state of mind

Hi Phred_Pharkel:
Exactly what are the qualifications required for a person to become a part of the police?
I have read that military training helps, or being good with guns. I wonder, do they get any legal trading, like what things the Constitution is supposed to guarantee all citizens—and even citizen visitors?
Chicago, LA. and N.Y, seem to have an awful lot of problems with how police use power—and after seeing what happened to Michael Brown in Ferguson—or what happened to Ms Bland in Texas----a person wonders why some of these police people were even hired.

Hi unlikelysource:
Sadly, I think it should be ,“a police state of SEIGE,” as that seems often to be the norm
nowadays. Although after reading up on the secret jails where lawyers can’t find their clients in the city of Chicago----a person has to wonder about everything called," The Law." : (


Yes, and in addition, the law should never allow any police officer to get away with shooting or killing or beating up any unarmed person by just saying the old get out of any crime even deliberate racially motivated murder just by saying: “I was afraid,” or “I thought I saw a gun,” either! Far too many murdering police officers have gotten away with deliberate murder just by saying those two phrases in this way. We MUST hold all of our police officers to a HIGHER standard, not a lower standard than everyone else.

If these police officers are all so afraid, then they should always wear their flak jackets or else do not ever become police officers unless they are willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their community. I’m not afraid. I don’t need to shoot and kill unarmed civilian suspects or mentally ill people. Perhaps every cop should go around with a social worker or community volunteer with experience in talking people down. The cops can call on me anytime. I’m patient enough to sit all day and all night, if that is what it takes to talk down a suicidal person with a gun or knife. We don’t have to shoot and kill suicidal people just because they have a weapon. Cops are just too impatient and too many of them just don’t care enough, and as this article states, the ones who do care get fired! This is the absolute WORST way to run ANY police department! I think it is deliberate. If evil right wing forces in America just allow the Nazis and the KKK to infiltrate and to take over the police forces in America and have them become the new American Gestapo or brown shirts, and then fire all of the really good community oriented cops, then a right wing military style dictatorship taking over our government won’t be very far behind. I do not want to live in a totalitarian police state and sometimes I am beginning to think that I already do. This madness must stop. We need the peace police instead!

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Great idea Phred-- but who is going to hear these cases? The same juries that let every killer cop off scot free unless he’s a black cop that shoots a white woman? This is not just about cops. This is about the whole bloody system of “justice” protecting white scaredy cat people from those dangerous black people who keep insisting on their rights!!!

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The only thing I disagree with in you’re post, I’ve said before, if they’re so afraid, they should find a new line of work, policing’s not for them. Other than that, spot on.

Current requirements are minimal. Here are the requirements in Texas for example

The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) sets statewide minimum requirements to become a Texas police officer. Although the TCOLE sets the minimum standards for law enforcement recruitment, departments may set requirements above the TCOLE minimums. For example, many departments require an associate’s degree as well as a higher age minimum.

The minimum guidelines set by TCOLE to become a Texas police officer are as follows. Candidates must:

  • Be a US citizen, by birth or naturalization, at the time of application
  • Be 21 years old OR be 18 years old with an associate degree or an honorable military discharge
  • Be a high school graduate or hold a high school equivalency certificate OR show proof of an honorable discharge from the US armed forces after at least 24 months of active duty service
  • Hold a valid and current driver’s license
  • Not have any history of felony convictions nor of convictions for disqualifying misdemeanors

Hi Phred_Pharkel:
Thank you for that information—butt he conundrum seems to be that a police ot sheriff person needs to be strong enough for the work, and have at least a GED, but as for schooling or training, I wonder how many people really have the temperament to do this job? There isn’t any mention of understanding state laws ----so I suppose that 19 or 20 seems like a normal starting age, but maybe still not enough life experience.
Maybe things were better a long time ago, when each neighborhood seemed to have police in a regular area and walking around instead of driving. I also wonder about what their legacy; training is—because of so many stories of disasters with the public-
Like the little boy who was shot in the park by a police person who drove up, pulled his gun and shot-- and finding that the 12 year old had a toy gun- I wonder how much of the training has to do with learning how to speak to people in a way that makes people comfortable as opposed to being scared to be dealing with the public.
After seeing the cell phone video from Sandra Bland’s cell phone, I truly wonder if there is a test for mental stability for police. : (

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My point. There needs to be a deep psychological examination and a very high bar for passing it well before we give anyone a gun and the authority to use it on us

Yea that’s a problem.
The same way doctor or architect cases are handled I guess

The tests are out there, They just have to be required

i see that your post so far is the only one not focusing on how this system should reform cops… you are correct! it’s the entire legal system and it’s white people who don’t want a nice black family to move into their neighborhood… even those who want to see a change, but are afraid of going into a black neighborhood need to put their actions where their mouth is… like johnson.

He marched with the enemy.

and note here that koehler suggests that we the people do the rethinking… we cannot change another unless we first change ourselves.

All of this adds up to a serious national need to rethink how we protect ourselves and establish social order.

That is beautiful Lin! And I’m going to be optimistic and think that the young people will meet this justice system as they march to change things. I know that was my great awakening in the 60’s. There’s nothing like a little civil disobedience to lead a white middle class person to wanting reform in the justice system. (Snile)

Surprise surprise. With one exception on each side, both sides of our extended families are ALL racists. ALL of them. Mostly they think they keep it well hidden but it’s not. Both families are college educated middle/upper middle class people from the Philadelphia area. Anyone they actually know with dark skin they call ‘an exception to the rule’…
I just think with a few exceptions 99.99% of white Americans are profoundly racist pigs who would enslave brown people in a NY minute if Trumpenfuhrer gave the word…
I simply do not know how you fix that in 2,3,4,5,6,7…lifetimes.