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The Arrogant Ignorance of Campbell Brown: Education Journalism in Decline



Thank you Steven Singer for pointing out the insidiousness of the CON. The Corporate Owned News does such a disservice to democracy, I am anticipating reinterpreted legal analysis to provide a pathway for giving the people authority to exclude the CON from free press protection. Any takers?

The future of our nation lies in public classrooms, not only in private ones (which includes chartered schools, because they are governed like private ones). There's a revolution coming, sooner or later. As much as the powers that be want an uninformed electorate, the real idiots in this scenario will get their comeuppance from and by "We the Peasants." The Senator from Vermont has let the genie out of the bottle; reclaiming public education is actually low-hanging fruit compared to dealing with the CON, in an authentic democracy.

It would be inappropriate not to offer kudos to CD and other independent publications/sites that do fulfill their role to educate the electorate (and others). These kind of media organizations (both liberal and conservative) are representative of what the framers had in mind when the free press was constitutionally protected.


An excellent and much needed article not only in the states, but also in all countries infected by the neoliberal disease. Education is an especially important arena in people v corporations contestations, for the kind of leaders we have tomorrow depends very much on what’s going on in schools today. Hats off to Steven Singer and CD for this expose.


I am repeating this quote because it really is the template for how pro-business, neo-liberal pundits speak:

“That the people who disagree with my characterization would react by attacking me personally… speaks volumes. Those feigning outrage over the difference between “grade level” and “grade level proficiency” are the people who profit off the system’s failure and feel compelled to defend it at all costs. Sadly, in the age of Donald Trump and Diane Ravitch, this is what constitutes discourse.”

In mythology, the old god Cronus devours his children so that they won't be able to grow up and assume "his" throne.

Not only is there a war on women (primarily, their right to reproductive sovereignty, i.e. control over their own bodies and thus biological destinies); there IS a war on children.

  1. The Charter School movement and its complement, intensive standardized testing are robbing children of LEARNING and the JOY of reading, experimenting, and broadening their minds.

  2. Hundreds, if not thousands of children are risking their lives to escape the horrors of places like Honduras: Its social safety nets collapsed after the U.S. elites' backed coup; and this after years of NAFTA.

  3. Hundreds if not thousands of families are being broken up as ICE goes after "illegal" immigrants. This ruins the lives of many children and casts single parent families into the perils of poverty. Again, the engine that drove so many into the U.S. was fueled by unfair trade policies like NAFTA. These effectively decimated agrarian farming and lifestyles that worked for Indigenous Mexicans for many generations.

  4. A worldwide sex slave trade that traffics in children.

  5. The Catholic Church's long history of pedophilia and the countless lives impacted, if not ruined.

  6. The reverse financial logistics that have deliberately sent almost all wealth (and fiscal gains) to the top 1%... and subsequently made life less secure for millions of working families. Many of these families cannot provide food security to their children.

  7. The children living in Flint, Michigan whose health (particularly, their mental health) was placed on the auction block so that a city manager (never Democratically elected) could save the city money by pumping BAD water into public water systems.

  8. Today's college students faced with ridiculous costs, inevitable debt, and a job-compromised (most have been exported to nations with cheaper labor pools) environment.

  9. The refugees seeking escape from the war-torn Middle East. Daily, some boats capsize and children invariably drown.

  10. The children living in the regions that already feel the intensifying ravages of climate change/global warming. In India, for instance, major droughts promise limited, if any, crop yields. And that nation's people (the vast majority) were on the brink of being hungry prior to Nature increasingly coming apart.

  11. The millions of children suffering Autism... likely from a vaccine overload that if questioned, is linked with heresy!

  12. The thousands of babies recently born in Brazil with microcephaly. And while this condition is being blamed on a mosquito/Zika, the FACT is, that mosquito's been around a long time whereas these birth defects (in such concentration) were not. Monsanto's experiments are involved... but it's also a heresy to dare to challenge the safety claims of that War Profiteer corporation (although Ronnie Cummins did a great job of exposing this Beast in an article published on C.D a day or two ago).

This is a partial list. However, what it shows is how the world's great patriarchs (Cronus) would rather destroy and/or devour The Children than implement policies that would ensure their futures.

From mind to body to spirit... all facets of children's lives are being ravaged by the patriarchal corporations which symbolize Cronus (as archetype) in the modern world.

P.S. Thank you for this important article, Mr. Singer!


Although Brown's legacy confirms her arrogance, I don't see ignorance in the mix.

I characterize Brown more as a master propagandist for the Walton and Gates foundations whose faux ignorance is part of the propaganda package that keeps money falling on her from the Waltons' and Gates' giant money trees.


Isn't that rich: billionaire$$$ spending million$$$ to push vouchers and charter schools to the detriment of what was once considered one of the world's best public education systems. They chip away at public education through widespread specious rhetoric filled with misinformation and flagrant fabrications with the intent to privatize all education. They deny all facts and studies that prove charter schools and vouchers are corrupted and do a disservice to the most vulnerable students living at or near poverty levels. I see no altruism or true philanthropic rationale in their efforts. What I see is yet another way to make huge profits at the expense of our nation's children, their parents and worst of all, the teachers (and their families and futures).

Everyone should read Jonathan Kozol's educational masterpiece, "Savage Inequalities" that provides a startlingly clear and factual view of the marked contrasts in public education accessibility. And it all comes down to money. Dr. Kozol has been a lifelong advocate for public education, children, and the abolishment of poverty


"The millions of children suffering Autism... likely from a vaccine overload that if questioned, is linked with heresy!"

Interesting that you should refer to vaccines, especially the kind related to Bill Gates Foundation. Details at:



George Carlin brilliantly explained why education is not a govt priority. As to the Catholic Church, there have been millions cared for by the charity of the Church but unfortunately the child molestation story is the only one that we hear.