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The Art of Saving a Deal


The Art of Saving a Deal

Sina Azodi

Supporters of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) are worried that President Trump is determined to withdraw the U.S. from the nuclear deal with Iran. Coming up on May 12 is the next deadline by which the president must sign the nuclear-related sanction waivers. U.S. withdrawal could have serious international security ramifications.


You can’t deal with the Devil.


Trump needs another big win since his tax cut deal fizzled and his wall remains a 1/24th scale model on a folding table, pretty much. Thus, the promotion of Revoltin’ Bolton and Prince Pompeo of Prairiedogville.
Whether the American people have the stomach for flushing another $ 2-3 Trillion down Trump’s 24k gold toilet remains to be seen. Especially so, since the Humpster-in-Thief now has more personal lawyers hired than he has State Dept. employees.
If he does abrogate the JCPOA maybe he can get Roseanne to come sing, spit and grab her crotch at the official tearing up ceremony in the Rose Garden. A duet of The Star Spankled Banner would be just about right, followed by Bolton and Pompeo lip synching Onward Christian Soldiers.


Trump’s opaque “art” has absolutely NOTHING to do with actual deals. His slime machine lays recognizable indicators pointing toward anything that can be verbalized in bowdlerization. He speaks with certain rhythm, uses catch phrase memes and scrambles them - on average - approximately 50% in any given tweet or “speech”. Observe the patterns, dismiss any purported purpose and note the content. Whatever element remains unassailed by critics will be used later, until it is effectively opposed.

Try, just for arguments sake, holding as lens, the proposition that Drumf’s entire intent is, as the ‘set-up-man’, to BREAK DEALS. What is the ‘honey pot’ being used? What are public expectations being ginned?

Track a speech, any speech, its actual text and subject and its outcome; its relationship to other “speeches” and bills signed and what they generate and what they CLAIM to generate. Also keep in mind that DEBT/FAILURE is the active international mode of predation premise being fomented by the central banks, the federal reserve and economic “policy” of the Milton Friedman ilk .

Trump = the opposite of substance. Of course Bill Clinton and the entire 1% have been laying the tracks for this substance abuse in the arms of people in this country for a long, long time.


Then do what? The Devil, to continue the metaphor, can’t be beaten by going to war. The Devil by has no conscience and thus has no limitations to what can be done. The Holicaust, the slaughter of the innocents, none of these types of actions bother The Devil the least little bit. Evil actually prefers that things go down that way. That’s his turf, his way, is to his best advantage,

But there is a whole multi genre assortment of folk songs and tales about beating The Devil in a deal: “The Devil and Daniel Webster” by Steven Vincent Benet, the Charlie Daniels song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” are two that come to mind. There are a lot of others. The Devil may be able to be outslicked by a combination of goodness and smarts.