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"The Art of the Lie": New Report Details Trump's Year Bereft of Integrity, Accountability


"The Art of the Lie": New Report Details Trump's Year Bereft of Integrity, Accountability

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Entitled "The Art of the Lie," a new report offers damning assessment of President Donald Trump's first year in office, cataloguing what it describes as his presidency's massive miscarriage of government integrity and accountability.


All previous Presidents have lied to the American people, and in my view, the only difference is that Trump is just the worst liar of all!


Trump and the others are doing what is done to establish fascism. The lies and ignoring the law are key steps to establishing an authoritarian government. They are doing this because that is what Trump’s political base wants. You could say they are giving the people what they are asking for. This is populism. The one thing we haven’t seen is paramilitary groups going around attacking people and being unchecked. That is what happened in Germany and Italy. Germany of course when completely crazy and attempted to eliminate all Jews and many critics of Hitler as well. Trump’s supporters are fighting to take the country back for white people. They feel they are on the right side. One of our tasks is to identify those supporters who are not entirely dogmatic and try to convince them that democracy and tolerance is a better way.


Hello, does Charlottesville ring a bell?


Charlottesville did bring up that feeling with the torch march onto campus and many protesters dressed in combat gear. In retrospect it now seems like an isolated incident but the number of hate crimes carried out by white supremacists have increased since Trump took office. We haven’t seen paramilitary groups that are dressed in uniforms yet like the Brownshirts in Germany and Blackshirts in Italy. And in Charlottesville there were police on hand to deal with any violence although in my opinion they did a bad job. In other places like Boston they did a good job. We should be concerned about the anti-fascists. A group on the left using violence is the last thing that is needed. That just gives the fascists an excuse for more violence and I think they are capable of much more then the anti-fascists. There are numerous right wing militias like the Oath Keepers and Three Percenters who are well armed and have recruited former military people. The only sensible strategy is nonviolence. A resounding defeat at the polls will be something that the fascists can understand. A message that Americans do not want to go in their direction but want to continue on the path toward a more tolerant society.


Trump’s rise is the inevitable consequence of years of the right wing playing hardball while the left just went blithely along with the weak, message-free bumbling of the Democrats.

Two weeks ago, in the wake of being an eyewitness to the shithole comments, Dick Durbin couldn’t bring himself to call the liar-in-chief a damned liar when Trump went into denial mode. A week after that, Durbin and Schumer were beaten down into a cave in on the budget. Cuz cowards get treated like cowards.

I’d expect the right wing game plan to continue. Tell lies, push the Dems around like McConnell did to wait out Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, ignore the formerly bludgeon of budget deficits to give the rich a tax cut, play dirty to win. It just couldn’t be working any better.


I guess NODAPL during the Obama administration was not enough to get your attention–this certainly did not start with Trump.


Have you been paying attention to ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement)? About as “paramilitary” as it can get, AND getting away with it.


If we wouldn’t allow somebody like Trump to drive around a school bus with 65 kiddies in it, why are the citizen/ owners of the USA allowing him to drive a nuke-filled bus with 325 million (mostly unwilling) passengers? Isn’t that KIDNAPPING when the passengers don’t get a choice?


My critique of Trump and his administration would fill pages. But please do not forget that Obama’s FBI was responsible for quashing the Occupy movement. The FBI did also not criminally charge the thieves on Wall Street for the financial meltdown. And his CIA and military engaged in secret wars around the globe…something Trump has continued. Corporate America is responsible for all of this behavior. They are responsible for killing Net neutrality. RECOGNIZE WHO THE ENEMY IS !


Don’t forget the armed standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.


Yes. Important to remember that, just because Trump is attacking and antagonizing the FBI does NOT mean the FBI is on “our” side. Listen to Glenn Greenwald on this topic.


There are the “militarized” police departments around the country, and the police who go to Israel to be trained by the IDF.