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The Art of the Trumpaclysm


The Art of the Trumpaclysm

Tom Engelhardt

It’s been epic! A cast of thousands! (Hundreds? Tens?) A spectacular production that, five weeks after opening on every screen of any sort in America (and possibly the world), shows no sign of ending. What a hit it's been!


"Après moi, le déluge", as in "I don't care what happens after I'm gone" would be the most pols motto.
(All those publicly, ostentatiously, weirdly religious politicians, who, from everything I see about them, behave as if they're hedonistic atheists. But I digress.)

"Après moi, le déluge", as in "After me, the revolution will sweep all of this away", would require that Americans take time away from their football games, their 'reality' TV, from all the distraction, and to really behave like citizens should.

I'm not hopeful.


Hey, Tom, that was Louis XIV who said "Apres moi le deluge," meaning after I leave, the apocalypse...which was pretty spot-on since France started its downward slide and the revolution followed within less than a century. This same monarch claimed "L'Etat, c'est moi," as in: I am the state, the government, rolled into one. Now THAT's Trumpism in a nutshell.


" Think of Nero fiddling while Rome burned".

The modern version of that is: America will burn while Trump twitters!


As Engelhard points out this all stemmed from 9/11. The proposed (deep plan) to take over all the democratic intuitions and rewrite the constitution started then in earnest.
Anybody who watches the online videos of Building #7 coming down and doesn't declare it an obvious demolition is blind (and this may indeed be the information that the intelligence community has and can use as blackmail).
So there we have the start, and now we have the finish of the political betrayal of the United States, with the connivance of both parties.
It's time to acknowledge it as painful as it is and begin to deal with our predicament. The denouement of their plan indicates the seriousness of our position (and remains the real reason for denial).


This is a great post.


The American vege-cation system has apparently so failed to teach the kiddies what DEMOCRACY is that they have grown up to vote for an anti-democratic tycoon who appoints anti-democratic buffoons to be his department head thugs. Stop and think, people... military generals and business leaders are DICTATORS over their troops! Even so, American voters always want to know if a candidate has served in the Military. If you really want DEMOCRACY, hiring a business leader or a Militarized mind won't get you there. In a democracy, even the janitor is invited to express his opinion. Trump is unfit for the presidency because he does not understand the meaning of DEMOCRACY, let alone REPUBLIC. You might say he is so politically illiterate that he cannot think or speak AMERICAN.


I am just guessing and have no proof, but I have always wondered if the hijacked plane that went down in Pennsylvania was suppose to hit building # 7.


Yes. The owner of the WTC buildings was recorded as saying "pull it" after waiting 5 or so hours for it to hit #7. There have been examples of some event that seemed obvious - it's obvious the Sun rises in the East, right? - that turned out to be wrong. But I haven't heard any exculpable explanation, yet.


No matter what happened, I can say unequivocally; the American people have never been told the truth about WTC #7, because there is an overwhelming plethora of scientific proof that the official story is a fairy tale that ignores the laws of physics.