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The Attack on Charleston Is an Attack on All of Us


The Attack on Charleston Is an Attack on All of Us

Rev. Waltrina Middleton

The very thing many of us fight against -- a deeply masked and far reaching culture of violence in our society -- has devastated our family. This past Wednesday night during bible study and prayer service, a gunman filled with a racist heart entered the historical Mother Emanuel AME Church of Charleston, South Carolina and opened fire on the 12 persons gathered there. Only three people survived the attack.


The author is correct, it is an attack on all of us.

The flag represents the very racism that inpired that assault.

We cannot idly dismiss the flag of that racist terrorism.

The Governor of the state is too intimidated by her own society to muster the courage to call out the racism or the flag that represents it.

Neither was McCain courageous enough to call it out in the 2000 GOP primary there, and the Karl Rove GWB campaign race-baited him with racist phone calls all over the state about his adopted child.

So now McCain is still intimidated by the same racism. And refuses still to call it out.

Just like the entire GOP, well, except for Carson.


Dr. Carson should stick to brain surgery. At least the patient is already sedated and, unlike his followers doesn’t have to feel the continual and excruciating pain he pontificating brings. Other than that, I like what you say, especially about Johnny Jet Crasher.


Say it loud, say it proud, dear Sister. They’re racist, delusional, gun-toting, flag waving nuts. And, certainly only feel comfortable swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool. We can only hope they drown in their own hate. But, until then everybody needs to be careful out there.