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The Attacks on Birthright Citizenship Are Just the Beginning


The Attacks on Birthright Citizenship Are Just the Beginning

Bill Blum

If you think the attacks on birthright citizenship led by our ignoramus-in-chief are just a midterm issue, think again. Beneath the bluster, the attacks are a rallying cry for voter suppression and will in all likelihood accelerate as the 2020 presidential race begins in earnest.

The attacks, moreover, are nothing new. They did not originate with Donald Trump.


To even entertain the idea that the Supreme Court of the United States would consider overturning a Constitutional Amendment just because the Racist Resident of the White House wills it, means that the Supreme Court must be changed in a way that this situation could never again happen.


I’m unaware of any means of overturning a Constitutional amendment other than by a succeeding amendment (see Prohibition, established in 1920 by the 18th amendment and repealed in 1933 by the 21st). But I don’t doubt that Pwesident Twump is willing to give it a shot by any means fair or foul.


There is no legal way to do it besides an amendment that annuls it.

However, that didn’t stop trump from trying to declared Obama illegal by stating he wasn’t born in the country. It totally ignores the fact that anyone born to an american citizen becomes a citizen. But who cares about facts.

I can see quasi-legal and illegal methods being used and accepted because the supreme court says they are legal. After all the court can make judgements that are totally wrong, like the dred scott judgement. Imagine that a law is passed that states no illegal can get medical attention from hospitals anymore. Hospitals are the usual providers of birth certificates. W/o such a certificate, one could be declared illegal.

And I have heard many republicans demand that health care be denied to illegals if they can’t pay for it themselves. It is not inconceivable that states or the federal government could pass such laws And republican courts support them.

Another is to declare illegals as criminals who have no rights and that is passed down to the child. It has been done in the past in the US, just not for a long time.

It could take years, if not decades for someone to prove they were a citizen if methods were employed to deny that to them. None of them might be legal methods, but if the courts went along with it, it could be protected. I look at hobby lobby decision, the baker’s decision, citizen united, etc such things could be protected by the court.


But how? It would take an amendment to change how they are selected and confirmed. The constitution is clear how they can be confirmed. The problem is that there is no way to stop who is nominated and confirmed. The president could nominate the town drunk and if the senate confirms, that person is a supreme court judge.

Just look at Brett who just possibly be a sexual assault criminal. Now a judge who gets to decide about women’s rights. How decent will he be to their rights? Sure a judge can be removed by impeachment, but that takes both houses of congress, one to charge, the other to convict.

What are the chances that new evidence proves he sexually assaulted Ford that he would be impeached? With odds of + 0-100, I would say -20, maybe more.

Our only recourse is that he is not reelected. The senate won’t convict him no matter what crime he may have committed, no matter how much evidence.

The problem with democracy is that it is the worst form of government and the best compared to monarchs and dictators.