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The August Day Mark Twain Met Donald Trump


The August Day Mark Twain Met Donald Trump

Michael Winship

How I spent my summer vacation — part of it, at least. One weekend in August, my girlfriend Pat and I went upstate to visit my sister, also named Patricia, and while there took a field trip to Elmira, New York.


An enjoyable read...superbly written and so very informative. Love it!


The unexcelled braggadocio, self-entitlement and disregard for any modicum of common decency in
Trump, Perry, Palin and so many others is the inevitable horror of the Republican's Southern Strategy.
As one of it original architects once wrote in a rare cris du coeur, "We created a monster!"


Thanks for this. Mark Twain was the first writer who opened my eyes to what America was about and had been about for a very long time and he also showed me what literature could actually do to lay it all out. I moved from Twain to Melville and they are both icons of liberty to me.