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The Australia Fires Portend a Future of Climate Apartheid

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/29/australia-fires-portend-future-climate-apartheid

Does anybody here actually think this isn’t ALREADY happening? The wealthy pretty much own everything or have ‘controlling interest’ if not total ownership through subsidiary companies. The working class don’t own squat, just debt peonage. And not a single one of the owners live anywhere near their refineries or uranium mines or next to nuclear plants or downwind from coal-fired power plants or have fracking wells drilled next to their houses or or or…you get my drift. If one of their mansions gets destroyed they just go live in another one somewhere else. No big deal. They won’t ever be where the hurricane hits. Never ever.

Then there’s the continued trickle of reports (NOT in the corporate MSM) about huge property buys and fully stocked luxurious bolt holes scattered around the world and crewed ships standing in ports and aircraft waiting in hangers etc etc. Anybody else remember the Bush Crime Family buy of 800,000 acres in Patagonia on top of a fresh water aquifer with an abandoned military airstrip on the property? Bet that airstrip is fully functional now. And the Moonie Church’s buy next door of 1,000,000 acres? This preparation has been going on for a long time because the wealthy have far more access to science than the average village idiot watching TV news…and they don’t want the party to end so they have been getting ready for decades for any eventuality.

Look up that company in Texas that has been making pre-fab concrete bunkers in sections and shipping them to New Zealand for installation for US rich people. I read an article/interview a few years back where he said he couldn’t keep up with the orders…

Think of all the billionaires. Gates, Adelson, Prince/DeVos, Soros, Buffet, doesn’t matter what side of the corporate party they say they are on, and all the others that can do this without every worrying about how much a root canal costs or how to fix a busted car to get to work. They can’t spend the INTEREST earned on their wealth much less ever need to touch the principle. And the principle just keeps on growing while the rest of us circle the drain.

You and I and everybody you know is expendable. Remember that the US invented the term ‘collateral damage.’


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