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The Backlash Against Discrimination And GOP’s “Indiana” Problem


The Backlash Against Discrimination And GOP’s “Indiana” Problem

Terrance Heath

The powerful grassroots backlash against Indiana’s anti-gay “religious freedom” law is yielding results and inspiring hope. Right-wing supporters of the law were seemingly caught unawares by a grassroots response that’s put them on the defensive.


“This week Mike Pence came to embody what might henceforth be known as the GOP’s “Indiana problem.” Once a symbol of the GOP’s “deep bench” and one of its top presidential contenders for 2016, Pence’s conservative credentials — and the religious right’s continued influence over the GOP — demanded that he defend Indiana’s anti-gay “religious freedom” law. Likewise, GOP presidential hopefuls rushed to defend Indiana’s law, seeking to motivate Christian conservatives to back them in the primaries.”

Though few speak honestly about it, it is THIS sizable demographic that is holding back the spiritual progress of our nation. This is the group of bigots that have always catered to a rigid, letter of the law religious myopia that sees in anything other than white Christians, a problem. This group fuels racism, the make-war (against Islam) mentality, hostility for the poor, and distrust of Hispanics, Native Americans, gays, feminists, and anything outside of its ultra-narrow parameters.

Using of all terms (religious) “Freedom” to support aggressive divisive policies that always punish or harm others, theirs is also the mindset of colonialists who are so convinced of their “god” given superiority over others that they steal their lands, negate their languages and customs, and impose THEIR dominator ethos over any outsiders that they can brutally conquer.

This group hasn’t a clue what freedom means other than, like the “Free Trade” advocates they view the premise as what THEY can do unto others while blocking (legally, financially, politically, and theologically) what others can do unto them.

No group is a greater threat to human progress and GENUINE liberty that natural-born authoritarians who use religion as a means to enslave others or whip them into compliance.

And for many who comment in these threads, their perception of persons (and human nature) is based on THIS group alone. By reinforcing the idea that all Americans support these ideas and behaviors, or that they speak as one uniform truth for all U.S. citizens… knowingly or otherwise, they reinforce the idea that there are no alternatives to bigotry coupled with ignorance. Worse still, those who push this argument NEVER speak of the roles played by patriarchy and its religious conditioning and how those who abide by tradition are taught to pass these unquestioned stances down from one generation to another. No. They prefer to turn ignorance into an elected choice on the part of INDIVIDUALS.


I hope folks realize that these corps aren’t their “allies”.

Are you willing to wager that they’ve been on the horn to Pence and his people, telling them to fix this? And not because they give a shit about equality, but because this is a PR headache that needs to go away as soon as possible.

Now, once it is, they’ll reap the benefits of having taken a “principled stand”, and all the major LGBT groups will praise them to the heavens, regardless of the crimes they commit on a daily basis, but they don’t want this to drag on, as they’ve got business to do in Indiana.

And as they’ve got the dough, Pence ain’t gonna say “No”, is he now?


Well done Siouxrose. It’s great to find the Republicans with their pant around there ankles. I only wish that the Democrats would take advantage of the situation and point out to the Christian right just what fools they are being made by their puppet masters.
Their is nothing chivalrous about not kicking a Republican, or for that matter the entire party when they are on their knees.