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The Backlash Against Expanded Voting Rights in Virginia



Repubs accusing McAuliffe of playing politics by expanding voting rights, that's rich, when they are the ones who know quite well they get the political benefits of denying voting rights.

The real question is: do these people who done their prison time, including completing the requirements of parol, deserve to be full citizens again. McAuliffe is saying yes. Repubs, who believe its up to them to inflict unending punishment, say no. I agree with McAuliffe. Good for him.


The term is parole!


It's the least Mr DLC McAuliffe can do considering that a likely majority of those felons wouldn't have been but for the 1994 Crime Bill Terry's pal, Ol' Slick, strove so hard to pass. In the nineties, there was political capital in locking the folks up, and now, in 2016, there's political capital in relinquishing a minute modicum of what was lost---a fractional amount of freedom and dignity.


Would Republicans still fight this if all 200,000 ex-felons all registered as Republicans? Just curious. The don't appear to have their hair on fire where Wisconsin's governor just signed a bill making it illegal for communities to register new voters. Which decision is more democratic?


Reason the Virginia Democratic establishment in isn't opposing the action:

Date of Virginia's Democratic Presidential Primary: March 1, 2016
Date of Governor's Order: April 22, 2016

So all of those new voters didn't get the chance to vote for the candidate opposed to prison privatization and excessive incarceration rates (Sanders), or against the one taking money from the prison industry (Clinton), but they will be able to vote in the general election.

Dem politicos are opposed to voter suppression in the general election. In the primaries, it's their ace-in-the-hole.


No, actually, the spelling is parole. Thanks for noticing and correcting my typo.