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The Backlash Against the Bullies


The Backlash Against the Bullies

Robert Reich

Sexual assault is one obvious assertion of dominance. Other forms include economic bullying and the stoking of bigotry to gain political power.


I’m all in favor of culling the bullies, or at least curbing them but I do not think the Democrats are the solution, at least not the DNC type of ‘democrats.’ Among these "powerful and wealthy men (and a few women) " is HRC or has Mr Reich conveniently forgotten or does he hope we have?


Bullies need enablers.

I have had my father, the son of the local strongman in high school, the grandson of an ex prime minister in the school of architecture, and my ex wife.

We have one life to live and retaliation can be an obvious answer, but I have still decided to take an inter generational approach to what I have faced.

How will history define you, Mr. Reich? This article does not tilt favorably.


Yeah, well, the Democrats are still Democrats, aren’t they? I am quite certain they will fail to recognize that which fuels resistance or promote candidates that represent progressive change. Given a choice between representing the majority of Americans who want democracy instead of plutocracy and the oligarchs who fund them, the Democrats will certainly opt for the latter (all the while promising otherwise). Democrats are not the answer, and haven’t been for decades.


I do hope you are right, Professor Reich. I have hated bullies and bullying for my whole life.


Completely agree. Until I saw your post II was going to post "’(and a few women)’ – e.g., HRC, D-WS, NP, DF, . . . ".

Glad to post it now citing you as first on.


Agreed. So what’s to do?


If I knew, I would certainly share it.


Dream on.


Start by registering independent, or, better yet, Green. Then vote that way consistently.

And to any die-hard D-bots lurking out there to “correct” my thinking, forget it. There are more people who don’t vote in this country than do. I advise you to try to convince them of the worth of your party, if you can, because you’re just wasting your time and annoying me otherwise.


It’s pretty cheap and facile to describe the profound power relations of patriarchy, white supremacy and capitalism as being a matter of “bullying.” Reich’s a bright guy. He could make an effort to write with some depth, thoughtfulness and understanding that words have consequences.


Got to love a Guild F312!
Excellent advice. Don’t vote for either of the 2 parties who are ‘owned’ by the oligarchy!

It makes me wonder when we’ll get to vote for ourselves. Why do I need a representative to vote for me anyway? Isn’t that making it easy for the oligarchs to exert their control! They certainly wouldn’t get a majority of our votes for most of the laws they are writing and voting on if we all had a voice individually. And there are more sane people than Donald Trumps, including all the idiots who voted for him. Many of whom we’ll soon be sharing Thanksgiving dinner with! I shudder with anticipation. At least from your moniker there’s hope for an instrument laying around that can be used to decorate some time. Cheers to you!


Do people still drive west over Gates Pass to watch the sunset? Back in the late 70s and early 80s, my dear wife and I would bring a blanket to spread on the hood of the car and a thermos of hot chocolate. We’d sit with our backs against the windshield, sipping our cocoa and watching the colors change, and then wait to see the stars come out in their glorious profusion. It was one of our best cheap dates ever.

And yes, the idea that 535 people from only two political parties—mostly male, mostly white and almost all rich—can represent a nation of nearly a third of a billion is simply absurd. Cheers to you as well.


Totally, Robert!
I’ve got many similar memories with my Mrs, …it’s hard to beat our sunsets!
In fact, it had been too long for me since I’d been to Gate’s Pass that just last Friday my sister and I took a ride over the pass just as the sunrise was cresting the Rincon’s.
I’m a bit of a guitarist myself. My first one was a Guild D40.
Hopefully my daughter’s generation will get a fair shake.
Happy Thanksgiving!


HRC is a bully and a phony now can we stop talking about this despicable woman?