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The Backlash Against Trump's Syria Strike


The Backlash Against Trump's Syria Strike

Conor Friedersdorf

Last week Donald Trump willfully violated the Constitution as even he once understood it, despite being warned against doing so by dozens of members of Congress.


Trump did win the general election for president so in a sense it could be said that Americans wanted a strong leader, basically a dictator, who would not be obliged to follow the law and certainly not follow Congress but to do exactly what he wants. So by holding Trump to the law, members of Congress are going against the wishes of millions of Americans. The only message Trump and his supporters will understand is a solid thrashing in the November election. Voters need to make it clear they want a president who follows the law and as well as a president who cares about the truth. If the message of the election turns out be that Americans want fascism that is what most likely what they will get. Trump will be more than willing to oblige and he is surrounded by many people who are on board with that.


Ha-ha-ha…the Kabuki Kongress Theatre continues and this “progressive journalist” takes it seriously. More evidence of how far the Atlantic and other “social media” have fallen.

When journalism and social media are indinstiguishable, we’re lost.

Rachel, where’s Rachel Maddog??? I need my daily 15 minutes of…

That’s OK. She’s in the kennel barking with media friends Thom and Ed Woof…woof…woof…blah…blah…blah…

Now I feel better.


Tom J. you have the makings of another Jon Stewart; but on a more serious
side, will Democrats campaign against corporate state militarism? Well, Hillary, still leading the den of thieves, wants more bombing and Teddy Roosevelt said in 1906, “I took the Canal Zone, let Congress debate it;” so much for democracy then and now.


Illegal war. Nuclear provocation. Curtailing of Congressional power. The progressive, proverbial verbal diarrhea has effective drowned out Trump’s other crimes, which mean so much more to us at this moment in history.

There is only so much our citizenry can focus on at any one time. Let’s not waste five more news cycles on our strike on a homicidal maniac physician-dictator in Syria.

Go to your desk. Sit down. Focus.