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The Baghdadi Scam

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/30/baghdadi-scam

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There will never be any proof the man they claimed to have killed was Baghdadi as the body was dumped at sea.

The US can claim these types of successes everyday. “Yep we got him but we dumped his body at sea” and the Media would report it as fact.


“Once again we see the embrace of Trump by the so-called resistance if he adheres to imperialist orthodoxy. The same man who they claim to want to impeach suddenly gets praise as he did when he launched an attack on Syria in 2017. The man mocked as a buffoon can be seen as “presidential” if he kills or even claims to kill people in a far away land.”

MSDNC, CNN, NYT, the CIA, the Democrats and neocons don’t oppose Trump for what he’s doing, but for what he’s not doing. The want him to make war.


What was the genesis of “Assad must go”.

For Hillary Clinton, according to her email, it was all about serving Israel (goof for funding for herself), not in service to U.S. majority interests, or in the interests of the Syrian people…


Once more America is presented with “Show and Tell!”
And, once more too many will believe the “teller” which includes the major/minor media.
I’m appalled at our “local” (regional) media and how it plays: “Rinse and Repeat” of the rancid talk out of Washington especially in the wake of this idiotic “assassination”.
America is very good at deception and betrayal. That’s why so many hate us across this world!
We continue to speak with forked tongue.