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The Balance of Power in the Middle East Just Changed


The Balance of Power in the Middle East Just Changed

Peter Van Buren

Don't sweat the details of the July nuclear accord between the United States and Iran. What matters is that the calculus of power in the Middle East just changed in significant ways.


“If we’re not all yet insta-experts on centrifuges and enrichment ratios, the media will ensure that in the next two months – during which Congress will debate and weigh approving the agreement – we’ll become so.”

I rather doubt if the dolts in the media could explain the simple manner in which centrifuges separate U238 from U235 using the gaseous uranium hexafluoride. They could refer to an encyclopedia that might mention the gaseous diffusion plant at Paducah, Kentucky used during the Manhattan project. At the time, it was certainly the world’s largest baffle box, if not the world’s largest building. If “insta-experts” means what I believe it to, however, I concur fully.


This gets my vote as an excellent, informative, and non-hysterical overview of an extremely important issue.


Yes, indeed, and we are not likely to see an equally well thought through presentation any time soon. All the talking heads are pandering to Israel, as if Israel is paying them handsomely. For all we know, they are.


I’ll bet Peter thinks that the US and Cuba have reached a turning point in their relations now that the embassies are being opened in Havana and Washington. The short answer is: Not really. Washington still wants to dominate economically and control the governments of both of these countries and this is just a new phase of seeking the same goals through different means.
Just wait till JEB! or Hillary take over and watch the fur fly–if not before.


Sorry, you lose. The influence of, and demands of, the Asian Pivot outweigh the pedestrian whimperings of the Pro Israel and GCC, here. As I said numerous times on this agreement; " take the deal ". The vast upside in Iran’s growing influence, and potential for consumption, outweighs the sniveling of AIPAC and that RW War Machine. " The business of America, is business. " That just means, in this instance, the money is a plus, plus and the war profiteers will just have to find another target to destroy. Look to Africa for The Next Big Misadventure. Sadly, we just can’t seem to kick the heroin of Military Keynesianism. But, that’s where the people who want a world of Bernies and Jills, must find a " diplomatic solution ", on a variety of domestic issues.