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The Banality of Haspel


The Banality of Haspel

John Feffer

Gina Haspel is a consummate professional who has served the U.S. intelligence community with distinction for more than 30 years.

As the Trump administration’s nominee to head up the Central Intelligence Agency, Haspel has received endorsements from six former CIA directors, three former directors of national intelligence, and two former secretaries of state. It would be hard to find someone with more experience to run the CIA.


Evil is as evil does. Haspel’s actions are the same actions the Nazis took against their victims prior to WWII. What is the difference between the monstrous German Fascists and today’s GOP government and its puppet agencies? Just look at her, unwilling to say that torture is immoral. does that mean she has no idea of what morality, ethics or legality even are?


banalty? Putting a sociopath in to do their will was intentional.

And what are we supposed to call this?:

"Sanders is right — the Democrats probably would have tried to avoid the whole torture controversy if Obama had nominated Haspel. "

Playing both sides against the middle - Sanders’ favorite trick?
Propaganda? - the most likely reason for the appearance. The DNC is starting early for the 2019 Election year. Must present Bernie to the libs who fled and act like he’s not a DNC tool. Make sure we mention Bernie in liberal articles. He’s still talking out of both sides of his mouth.

Hey here, he explains why I voted for Stein! Russia made me believe Clinton was a criminal dontcha know:

““In many respects, what Mueller’s report tells us is not new to us,” Sanders, a U.S. senator from Vermont, said. “We knew that they were trying to sow division within the American people. In my case, it was to tell Bernie supporters that Hillary Clinton is a criminal, that Hillary Clinton is crazy, that Hillary Clinton is sick — terrible, terrible ugly stuff — and to have Bernie Sanders supporters either vote for Trump or Jill Stein or not vote at all.””


As far as the powers that be, she is like having their own little pet psychopath to do their bidding. She will be confirmed.


and then the op ed, throws in anti-Russian statements comparing Haspel to Putin. Who wrote this, the DNC? I have no doubt Putin has done bad crap but this article’s real intent is what I’m questioning. I’m off to vet the author and look for pro Russia and Iran Sanctions in his work.

Yep found it. Figures.
Click on link to see his articles.

and this:

“Yes, North Korea is currently ruled by a ruthless leader who maintains one of the worst human rights-abusing systems in the world. Yes, Kim Jong Un is pushing ahead with the country’s nuclear weapons program.”

It’s called - propaganda-spewing-day-job.

Tell a little truth, and throw in deep state propaganda along the way.


" Ultimately, the most important CIA reform is for it to come clean about its past."

That’s a joke, isn’t it? “IT” is supposed to “come clean”???

Riiiiight. It is supposed to come clean.

Sorry Mr. Feffer, when torture is used it is precisely because it is intended to be FOCUSED on sending a domestic message. Perhaps you should come clean about coming clean.


Good article. He’s right.


Re-read the article more carefully. He is not talking about Bernie Sanders! He is quoting Sarah Huckabee Sanders!


I agree. The pretense that all US evil somehow means Russia and Putin are much worse. The CIA and intelligence have done their darndest to make it seem that way with their false flags about poisoning. We only get to see the witnesses speak to the UN on the phony Douma, Syria White Helmets video on RTAmerica.


Verified. You are correct. Thank you for the correction.


Listening to her was like torture. Oh she wouldn’t torture, but it was worthwhile to do it. And she couldn’t comment on the morality of because she is so moral and would never do it again, though she had absolutely no qualms when she did torture. And why destroy the evidence if it obtained valuable intel as she put it? Wouldn’t you want to prove it works as she stated it does?
Also sickening is the defense of it. Oh it wasn’t illegal when they did it so you can’t backtrack and call it illegal. Yet we signed treaties to make it illegal. Killed Japanese soldiers for engaging in the same practices who defended that it worked and was necessary for the survival of their people. No matter how they paint it, it was illegal and immoral. And we let them get away with it.


A nation that tortures rules over a tortured nation. The CIA have always been torturers. Capitalists are the epitome of torture.