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The Banking Industry's Transparent Attempt to Weaken the CFPB


The Banking Industry's Transparent Attempt to Weaken the CFPB

Elizabeth Warren

You'll never guess who's going around Washington, trolling the halls of Congress, talking about the importance of protecting the long-term health of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The banking industry.


Thank you Senator Warren for taking the time to explain the banksters' latest ploy. And thank you for reminding me that there still are dedicated and principled public servants of and for the people. While I doubt that CNN or even NPR will give this issue the time and depth it deserves, it would make the ground for an excellent debate question. Wish the one best qualified to answer it would be there, but I know someone who will be and would do the issue justice.


See, small contributors can make a big difference. Some of the best money I've ever sent to a candidate. " I don't give them hell. I just tell the truth about them and they think it's hell. " Yes, the Big 5 need to be broken up, Senator, so keep up the great work.


I agree with the big 5 but I think that all oligopolies need to be broken up.


Mammon is the great deceiver. Elizabeth is the redeeming Angel.

Bernie/LIz 2016!