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The Bass-Ackwards Detainee Transfer Provision in the FY2016 NDAA


The Bass-Ackwards Detainee Transfer Provision in the FY2016 NDAA

Steve Vladeck

There’s a lot to say about the 1,915-page National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2016 that was unveiled yesterday by the House and Senate Armed Services Committees–and much of it ain’t good.


My hat is off to you, Mr. Vladeck for caring about this issue and parsing the details out.

U.S. laws are travesties. In one state a kid can go to jail for possessing a few marijuana joints, and in another, that same kid can open shop and sell pot.

In my research into serial killers and serial rapists, quite often it's seen that these individuals start their careers in crime with virtual slaps on the wrists. Had the true nature of their misogynistic intentions been known and understood by judges, none of these hostiles would be let loose on communities to readily do grave harm.

In the case of Guantanamo, a legal black hole has been created. Many highly intelligent people question the official orthodoxy concerning the actual events (and their authors) surrounding the 911 tragedy. If those of us who question the official story are correct in our assertion that it was an unmistakable Inside Job, then NO ONE who's enduring the tortures of Guantanamo belongs there!

I hope the day of reckoning comes soon; and like many, I feel that IF this prison is to remain open, it should become the permanent new home of: Judge Scalia, Alberto Gonzales, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Cheney, Bush, Jr., Condoleeza Rice, George Tenet, John Yoo, General Petraeus, Colin Powell, Obama, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, and the designers and promoters of The Project for a New American Century.

Let the convicts become the guards for a crash course in karmic justice.


This is Obama's baby coming back to bite him in the ass (pardon the mixed metaphor). He pushed for the odious NDAA -- Mr. Constitutional law scholar, Mr. Hope & Change -- it's as reprehensible a law as has ever been passed. And now he threatens to veto it over yet another reprehensible provision? What a hypocrite.


Most of the detainees are totally innocent , no matter who carried out 9/11 [and I believe Bush-Cheney did it for the benefit of Big Oil and the security/surveillance complex] . They were sold by bounty hunters to US forces in Afghanistan for up to $20,000 a head . The methods of torture used on them (reverse-engineered from the SERE manual) were the same methods honed and perfected to extract false confessions by totalitarian entities from the Inquisition to the USSR to the North Koreans . The very term 'enhanced interrogation' is a direct translation from the German term used by the Nazis to describe the very same thing .


Apart from the fact that the Guantanamo Bay torture camp contravenes every aspect of Human Rights agreements and Geneva Conventions, agreed to by the USA, concerning people captured in war and the people there are being treated in breach of USAian law...............?

The Guantanamo Bay torture camp is certainly not a legal black hole, black hole though it may be.


I agree. Thank you for your comment.