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The Battle for the Soul of American Higher Education


The Battle for the Soul of American Higher Education

Aviva Chomsky

During the past academic year, an upsurge of student activism, a movement of millennials, has swept campuses across the country and attracted the attention of the media. From coast to coast, from the Ivy League to state universities to small liberal arts colleges, a wave of student activism has focused on stopping climate change, promoting a living wage, fighting mass incarceration practices, supporting immigrant rights, and of course campaigning for Bernie Sanders.


Quite a few brilliant points skillfully embedded in this text.

Truth is, I got to it late and am too tired to respond other than to thank Aviva Chomsky for sharing these well-sourced insights.


Interesting--Aviva Chomsky appears to be wrestling with the limits of identity politics.

'Instead, the spotlight has been on student demands for cultural changes at their institutions that focus on deep-seated assumptions about whiteness, sexuality, and ability. At some universities, students have personalized these demands, insisting on the removal of specific faculty members and administrators. Emphasizing a politics of what they call “recognition,” they have also demanded that significant on-campus figures issue public apologies or acknowledge that “black lives matter."...By seizing upon and responding to these (and only these) student demands, university administrators around the country are attempting to domesticate and appropriate this new wave of activism.'


Yet one more attempt by TPTB to divide and conquer. Thanks for this article that clearly points out how that's the goal of the university administrators who are happy to divert into diversity while continuing the same old same old, just like putting a black man or a white woman in the White House. Still looking for that 'change we can believe in' while the reality of BAU (business as usual) continues unabated.