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The Battle for Venezuela and Its Oil


The Battle for Venezuela and Its Oil

Jeremy Scahill

Despire the public battles between the New York Times and President Donald Trump, the two seem to be on a similar page about the unfolding crisis in Venezuela. Last week, the administration announced it had “designated” President Nicolas Maduro and other Venezuelan officials, freezing their U.S. assets and barring Americans from doing business with them. The Times called that the best way to confront the Venezuelan government. The Times, though, went a step further calling on European and other nations to join what it called a “quarantine” of Maduro.


Corporate media NYT protecting the interest of their corporate fossil fuel friends. US is damn mad that they nationalized the oil. The public owns the oil on their land and sea. Damn those people how could they do that to multi nationals that want in the game. Disgusting!! Why don’t we own the oil, gas and coal that has been raping and pillaging countrysides here America? Now the DT wants to go on more public lands and national parks. The orange blob will stop at nothing to win favor with the rich who really didn’t want anything to do with him socially.


Corporate media is keeping an extensive misinformation campaign against bolivarian revolution in a day to day basis since itis begings 20 years ago. Theis article on Commondreams fails to tel the truth also. President Maduro call for a National Constitucional Asambly was not a drecree as stated, . As constitucional articles 347, 348, 349 you can find online spanish edition the president can call for the formation of that Assambly wich is the supreme power of the people with 540 delegates democratly elected by direct secret vote. It has the power to reformulate anmend the Magna Chart. Voting for delegates was 42 % of total registered voters as more than 8 million voters for a total 18 million voters. In a country where voting is normally around 60% is fair to say that it was a high turnout for the formation of the National Constitucional Asambly. Also in this event oposition forces declared actions to prevent voting, and in fact there were some cities where people couldnt vote as mercenaires attacted and burned some voting places. During three months before elections extremist right oppositing led violent activities causing more than 100 deaths. The leaders who called and participated on theses actions are due for justice. This is not political represion this is justice. Commondreams should be more cautious on Venezuela news. Here some links venezuelanalisys Hands off Venezuela


“when the official results were announced, it was clear that the tally had been tampered with.”
non-sense, the (now) soros+UK-fatcats-owned&ruled voting-machine/etc company that supplies part of venez.'s electoral equipment asserted there was tampering w/o providing any concrete evidence. The venez.election authority is about to finish an audit. Scahill keeps peddling misinformation that favors empire as of recently, e.g., he told ben dixon on youtube he believed the most recent syrian-chemical weapons incident was legit and added a laughable qui bono (yes, the one publicized by white-helmeted jihadis).


So according to the continued meandering article in The Intercept, i think i understood we basically have to be inside Venezuela to keep China and Russia out.
So now does this policy apply to all nations and all industries, or just South America, just oil countries?
I can only say that I hope solar and wind are the things that take over the world, the sooner,the better.


“The vote was held after an order issued by Maduro.”

god knows scahill and m.taibbi have been drinking the kool-aid: the constitution states that the president (maduro) and “the people” can call for the constitutional assembly to convene. The process is unclear otherwise.

“Why that was necessary was baffling even to former supporters of Chavez, as the Bolivarian movement has often celebrated its constitution as a revolutionary and meticulous document.”

see above, jeremy (and consider learning spanish or reading more than the sites you like).

the reason why maduro called for the const.assembly was several major problems with the constitution:
a) the opposition won the last congress.election (56% of votes, almost 2/3 of seats).
b) three opposition seats were won through fraud and a court process is still going on.
c) the three seats would give the opposition the 2/3 majority needed to change the constitution
d) the courts blocked the opposition from seating the three, but the oppos.did it anyway.
e) the supreme court declared congress in contempt.
f) the traitorous state attorney has been violating the law and her powers systematically day in day out (including freeing opposition killers and challenging supreme court decisions outside her jurisdiction) but congress can protect her even if she breaks the law.
g) congress has abused its “consent” voting power, aiming at wrecking the country’s economy and provoke discontent.

what’s so baffling about the obvious petty but deadly problems above with the wonderful document, jeremy?


Despite all the obvious differences, Chavez played a role in Venezuela similar to what Trump is now doing in the United States. Both have been enormous egomaniacs, sucking up near constant media attention while pushing reckless policies that appeased their bases while ultimately fracturing their national economies. The end result of Chavez is utter chaos as the untalented and uncharismatic Maduro tries to hold together by force what Chavez held together with his charisma and glittering promises. He is what Pence would be if he succeeds Trump and is faced with the economy in free fall.



Space exploration and the mining of asteroids are also a possibility - and I think, a necessity - for civilization to continue.

Right now, from my perspective, it’s touch and go whether we will have a civilization capable of wind & solar power and the exploitation of space resources.

We seem to be following an age old script, and the author of this article, Jeremy Scahill, appears to have documented much of this recurring theme, i.e., the ‘decline and fall’ of empire - in his books and his work.

Of course we can’t give up trying to avert this fate - but it is nonetheless a major concern - almost like a law of physics being played out - like the core collapse of a star undergoing supernova - unstoppable.

I see my hold is in at the library - “SPQR : a history of ancient Rome / Mary Beard.”

I have Gibbon’s "abridged version of “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” - this appears an updated version - and looks very good - and speaks to the present loudly.

I think we would all benefit from history such as this - more than running around like chickens in all directions, trying to put out fires here and there in an enormously ‘target-saturated’ environment.

For me - a dedicated environmentalist - acting at the personal, individual level is the way forward, rather than futile attemps to change a system with such massive inertia as the present one.

And I don’t think this is being pessimistic - rather realistic.

As we have all seen - saviors can be easily disposed of, think JFK & his younger brother - and many more whom the glaring light of fame and or fortune has not illuminated - but are gone nonetheless.

For me, a true democrat acts out his societal wants at the individual level first and foremost - leadership by example.

If he or she does not do this - it’s just more spin - or the lust for power and privilege - perhaps simple ignorance - or possibly something akin to - “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”


Thank you. Great points and explanations. And, thanks for going after RS’s Taibbi and Mr. Scahill, here. They deserve it.
And the NY Times and WAPO are Establishment mouthpieces. They really are p.o.s. for the most part. I can’t get past their Judith Miller history. $7 Trillion worth of reasons; 35K dead or wounded American soldiers, 500K dead Iraqi civilians, to dislike these awful suckups LIARS!! HACKS! ALL!
I truly believe U.S. news organizations are mostly state organs; echo chambers for the worst kind of our Empire’s consistent overreach.
The Daily Beast also ran a hitpiece on Venezuela last week and even some so-called " progressive " websites are running smear campaigns against the Maduro-led gov’t.
And, the Catholic Church, even with Pope Frank running the show, has undermined the Venezuelan gov’t. The protests a few years back actually began in their private universities.
It’s been a long dirty business and now " Little Marco " Rubio is the major pain in the ass, evidently carrying the water for the former Neo-Colonialists of Venezuela, hiding their assets here in America.
I think if Hugo had it in his power to do over again, he would’ve given some of those subversive elements a one-way helicopter ride north from Caracas. Turnabout being fairplay, of course. Just guessing there.


You’re full of you-know-what. Joe Blow is closer to the truth, here. Trump is not like Chavez at all. Pence? You’re clueless. Go away!


I was at a function this weekend and the topic of Venezuela came up. When I dared to suggest that Maduro was not a dictator, that he, like his predecessor was democratically elected, people looked at me as if I was crazy. They smirked at me a walked away. One guy said he met a couple from Venezuela who had to flee the country and open a restaurant. I suggested the people they met were rich and could afford to leave. the poor who support the government couldn’t leave. He didn’t see the connection. People don’t even care that Jimmy Carter called Venezuelan elections some of the cleanest his organization has monitored.
The level of misinformation and ease of which even liberals buy into the US gov’t propaganda is mind boggling. It is frustrating.


When even the political confidant of the late Chavez, Eva Gollinger (called “El novia de Venezuela”, because the attractive Sra. Gollinger, was the movements and the PSUV’s greatest defender), cannot find anything good to say about Maduro, I’d say that it is pretty much the end of the Bolivarian movement - for now.

The only thing left for the left to do is to re-organize and fight like hell with a whole new slate of leaders who are untainted by corruption.


My point is the similarity of all authoritarian personalities and the similarity of their effects on national economies. As a lifelong labor activist, I have nothing but contempt for those who betray the working class, whether they are Donald Trump or Fidel Castro. Both types of dictator target independent democratic unions and free expression of ideas.


And Maduro’s heavy-handed attempts to dismantle the very constitution promoted by his predecessor will pave the way for a rightwing dictatorship.