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The Battle over Trump's Taj Mahal Is a Battle for Us All


The Battle over Trump's Taj Mahal Is a Battle for Us All

Adolph Reed Jr.

In Atlantic City right now workers at the Trump Taj Mahal casino hotel, members of UNITE HERE Local 54, are waging a struggle that should make it one of those crystallizing flashpoints that garner national attention and mobilize support from the entire labor movement, progressives, and working people at large.


Hillary Clinton is against the $15 an hour minimum wage. She's against Universal Health Care. So before the Democrats jump all over this and rip open Donald Trump we should definitely look in the mirror. She is pro fracking, she is pro TPP, and she doesn't have a problem undermining the Democratic process to get power. I am not a Donald Trump follower but I am not Hillary Clinton followers either. #Jillnothill


That makes you a smart person, a thinking person.


Hillary Clinton is not against the 15 dollar minimum wage. She is not against universal healthcare. And she is not the owner of Trump Taj Mahal. This article is not about her. Is there no occasion where you will not leap to Trumps defense?


By the odd standards of CD readers.


Another example of the need for a guaranteed national income.


I like to walk and chew gum at the same time regarding Clinton and Trump.

All of those things you say about Clinton are true (although she has caved on $15, but proposes a longer phase in as I understand), and what also is true, is that Donald Trump is all about union busting, and even proposes that remaining manufacturing like GM should pack up shop and move to states with lower labor protections, i.e., lower paying jobs, and that that practice could continue until workers in this country are all paid lower wages, so to better "compete" with China, etc.

Trump is pro fracking, pro corporate tax rate of 15%, pro manufacturing of Trump Store items in China and India, and sure as hell doesn't believe in any Democratic process whatsoever.


She is against single payer universal healthcare. The "universal" is also touted by the same Big Pharma, and Big Insurers that wrote the ACA with the principle supposedly held that it is a step toward "universal" healthcare still under control by privately run corporations.


While this article does fail to demonstrate how DT is responsible for this particular labor issue it does make a strong case against his taking the seat as America's CEO which the American Presidency has become.


This article is out of date. Carl Icahn (AKA I'm a Con) is closing the Taj as of Oct. 10th and laying off 3,000 workers instead of settling a strike with the Union local 54. This is his answer to the people of the US, NJ and specifically AC ( where I live.) It's a big fat YOUR FIRED from TRUMP TAJ MAHAL !! In the last 3 yrs. AC has suffered the loss of 40% of it's Casino business and Atlantic County, NJ now has the highest foreclosure rate in the U.S. I've lived here 67 yrs. and I've never seen things as bad as it is now. Not only are the BIG Casinos closing but, over the course of the last 40 yrs. they have basically gutted the town and destroyed hundreds of family owned small businesses, so now there is essentially nothing left. People are fleeing the area like it's the dust bowl in Olk. in 1935. At the rate hings are heading down here it won't be long that me and my family will be heading out of town ourselves.


Ain't Capitalism grand?


Same here in UK - 'Sir' Philip Green took over BHS, a large, long-established firm with retail stores in prime locations all over the country. Over a few years he used it as a cash cow, transferring millions into offshore funds in his wife's name ('Lady' Tina Green lives in Monaco, so pays no UK taxes). Then, having looted the business and the workers' pension funds, and bought himself another new yacht, he 'sold' BHS to a dodgy, serial bankrupt for £1!
And then the firm was declared 'broke', the workers lost their jobs, and as for pensions - maybe the government support scheme will pay out but if so not the full amount. Currently our MPs are on holiday (again!) but they have a committee looking into all this. Green has appeared in London to offer some answers but it's doubtful if anything much will come of that.
I do not recall hearing anything of any trade union speaking up about this so I suppose that, like many businesses, post-Thatcher/Blair, it is probably a non-union shop. A pity.
NB Looting workers' pensions funds seems to have started here with Robert Maxwell's grand theft and larceny ref. the Daily Mirror newspapers group. And I believe he got the idea of doing this from his visits to the Soviet Union, where dipping into an enterprise's 'social fund' was one of the perks of the management.


Exactly what I think too. Hillary has cast aside the whole Sanders movement and its members' concerns, and cares not at all for the workers and the poor, whose lives were devastated by her husband's anti-labor policies. Trump may be bad, but there is too much concentration on this obvious fact, while the cheating of the DNC to ensure Hillary's win as "Democratic Party nominee" means that HRC as POTUS would also have bad effects on working people.


Good for you- it is NOT about her- it's about that crook and others like him and their handlers in congress. Why more people are not protesting is beyond me and many others. Where are the people?


This is an article about Trump's workers not about Hillary and Sanders. Don't you read?


Why are you targeting democrats when this article is about Trump? Guess you're voting for him, and consider him to be a progressive. You are on the wrong site period.


This is an article about Trump. Hillary does not own this business. If you want to vote for Trump why are you rreading a progressive news site?


Casinos are places that pander to a disease- gambling addiction and should never be allowed to exist. Sorry about this. I remember visiting that area as a child when there were boardwalks not casinos. Trump and this other moron need to go to jail along with Wall Street banksters and realtors.


Good point- but also people often fail to vote and stay disengaged.


What does THAT have to do with this article ? Sounds like you're voting for Trump- why are you on this site?