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The Battle to Feed the World: David vs. Goliath

The Battle to Feed the World: David vs. Goliath

Stanka Becheva

The fight over who will control our food, countryside and natural resources is heating up.


This is exactly where we need to begin.
Let us get the full belly/Dry abode riddle reduced to what it needs to be and removed from the neo liberal ravaging.

Only then can we change the monetary system and divest from war.

Albertson’s and Safeway are now one store.
Trader Joe’s is German.
Whole Foods is Texan. Although they do have a local model, their profit skimming would make Bill Gates jealous.

It is old news that Monsanto sues small farmers for hundreds of thousands of dollars when their roundup resistant seeds fly from a licensed user to their farms with the wind. It is no secret that farms that have been with families for centuries are closing down in the mid west.

yes, you do have to deal with a local fish monger’s idiosyncrasies, but you are doing the planet a favor by making a long term commitment to them.


There is nothing more beneficial to the Earth, and human health and well-being, than the food system this article describes. Small-scale agroecological farms can potentially reverse global warming, feed the world with more nutritious, varied, and tasty food, and re-vitalize the economies of the world’s rural communities.

On the other hand, the world would lose absolutely nothing if all the pesticide, fossil-fuel fertilizer, and industrial farming corporations disappeared. They have been selling a false bill of goods for decades now fueled only by corporate profits.

My deep gratitude to Stanka Becheva for writing this article and to Common Dreams for publishing it.


Controlling the food supply by large multi-national corporations just ensures that in a war scenario, which is ever more looming, that food could and will be used as a weapon of war. Starving people has been used throughout history, This time instead of thousands it will be 100’s of millions if not billions. Controlling the food supply will mean starving the ‘enemy’ because they can’t fight without food or maybe they actually care about their people and will capitulate to the enemy… What these short sighted capitalist corporations don’t seem to understand is that they are poisoning Earth and all of her inhabitants. All the runoff from the factory farms, including meat production, runs into rivers and then the oceans rendering them unable to support any kind of life. The runoff also acidifies the ocean along with all the CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere. If one owns land KEEP IT!! Don’t sell it to make a fast buck because it just might save your family’s life in the future. If one can produce food and have clean water, one can survive and not rely on food chains that will inevitably be disrupted. This is what’s on the near horizon if people don’t wake up and start screaming that they’ve had with the idiots that supposedly work for them.

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We could feed twice the population of the Planet, if done right! First get rid of Fossil Fuels, bury them, and bring on Cannabis!

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Them’s might big “IFs”, pardner.   Very few “ones” own sufficient fertile land to produce enough food & fiber to feed and clothe the “ones” own families, let alone produce enough excess to provide for the families of the tens and hundreds and thousands who don’t own feritle land.  Thomas Malthus was correct: overpopulation will sooner or later destroy civilization – just not as soon as he expected.  There was an unforeseen TEMP­ORARY increase in food supply over the past 100 years or so due to the over-use of irrigation and chemical fertilizers, but the resulting build-up of minerals is gradually but inevitably destroying thousands of acres of arable land each day.  And with ever-increasing demand for the less & less that exists, “clean water” is the biggest IF of all.  Climate change and fracking are reducing the supply of potable water even as population continues to grow.