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'The Bees Can't Wait': White House Plan to Save Pollinators Falls Short, Say Experts


'The Bees Can't Wait': White House Plan to Save Pollinators Falls Short, Say Experts

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Faced with the growing crisis of declining bee populations, the White House on Tuesday released its strategy for improving pollinator health. Almost immediately, experts decried the plan, saying it "misses the mark" by refusing to acknowledge the overwhelming role that pesticides play in driving bee deaths.


Under the strategy… put forth by the Pollinator Health Task Force, which falls under the leadership of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the federal government aims to:

  • Reduce honey bee colony losses to no more than 15% within 10 years, deemed “economically sustainable levels.”
  • Increase the Eastern population of the monarch butterfly to 225 million butterflies and protect its annual North American migration.
  • “Restore or enhance 7 million acres of land” of pollinator habitat over the next 5 years through Federal actions and public-private partnerships.

Of course NO ACTION against the rampant seed/chemical corporations that claim patents and ownership over life itself, and drench the ecology in their profiteering biocides. NO ACTION against the biocides that are disrupting, destabilizing and destroying not just pollinators, but the entire complex ecological web of life that HUMANS ARE PART OF.

No Ecology? No Economy! But such very basic math is apparently beyond the intellectual capacity of the greed-diseased corporatist king-pins who OWN not just patents on life, but the entire political economy including the White House.

But let’s get kids across the USA to plant milkweed! That will put a nice happy shine on the corruption and sell-out of our children to the insatiable corporatist monster that bestrides humanity and the Earth, the sell-out of our children’s health to the profiteering pimps of poison.

At what point, by what trigger, will the absolute outrage of so many people against these sell-outs truly hit critical mass?


It’s been established that neonicotinoids are killing honeybees, which humans have relied upon for millenia to pollinate (and thus produce) fruits and vegetables.
And yet, and yet - they continue to be manufactured, and they continue to be used. And it’s all perfectly legal.


It could take catastrophic change to make Democrats support Bernie and Warren.


Ever since Clinton and others formed the Democratic Leadership Council in 1985 Party bosses have assured that only corporate money magnets are nominated. Sanders and Warren will attract no corporate money.

Although the Obama Administration planted a token white house organic garden to distract attention from the Monsanto operatives Obama appointed to key positions, there is no way they will take any action on pesticides.


Capitalism is not about long term it is about getting the most profit in the shortest amount of time we are a capitalist country.


so we are to believe because we are a capatalistic country and therefore we should allow coperations to destroy the environment makes no sense what so ever. Capitalism is incompatable with life on planet earth perhaps that might be a reason to change as no greater reason than our continued existance on a hospitable planet and as of now we have no alternative.


It’s just incredibly unbelievable that these subhuman profit machines are not only able exist as officially recognized businesses but to thrive and get extremely powerful. Powerful enough to hold hostage the publicly elected government officials and the various federal and state institutions using bribery and intimidation ever more broadly and shamelessly. We the people have been sleeping at the wheel too long and have to be awakened to fight these monsters break up their corporations and place them in those many prisons they have but that now house mostly innocent, the mentally ill and the poor people of color.


My statement was suppose to be factual with no positive or negative connotation, but I agree with you.


We can’t protect our farms and orchards from an escalating global climate change because it would adversely affect the coal and oil cartels. We can’t protect the major pollinators because it would adversely affect the agrochem industry. We can’t even protect our lives because it would be bad for the personal weapons industry. When do we start doing what is good for the citizens and the planet? Not only is our government corrupted by private interests the people running the show are bleedin idiots and I don’t want to hear what their IQs are. Clinton has a higher than average IQ and he pushed Shafta and don’t ask don’t tell on us. Tell me again he has enough sense to come out of the rain. Why are we allowing these psychotic corporate personhoods to destroy the planet for nothing more than simple greed?


The Symbolic President once again pretends to be president.



Capitalism is about capital and maximizing comparative advantage. The cult of “efficiency”. Buy low, sell high.

Here is one of the core theories behind TISA- the Trade in Services Agreement which is being negotiated by the US and 49 other countries in Geneva.

The following description is from Senor Nello.

“For a deeper understanding of how migration could equalize the price of labour in two trading countries, consider figure one (from Senior Nello, 2005:145): There are two countries, Home and Foreign. The total quantity of labour in the two countries is shown by the distance OhOf. Before a fully free migration is allowed the distribution of labor is OhL in Home and OfL in Foreign. The marginal product of labour is higher in Home than in foreign because the capital/labor ratio is higher in Home. This is shown in the figure by the higher position of the MPLh curve compared to the MPLf curve. Because of this the wage is higher in Home, at Wh compared with the wage in Foreign at Wf. In short: Home symbolizes a developed country with high automatization and high wages and Foreign a less developed country with abundant supply of labour, low automatization and low wages. If migration is fully free between the two countries and the workers are identical workers will migrate from Foreign to Home in pursuit of higher wages. The migration will finally result in an equalized capital/labor ratio in the two countries and thus equal marginal products of labor and equal wages, illustrated in the figure by the wage level W’ which could be seen as the world market price of labor as the world only consists of the two countries Home and Foreign. The migration is illustrated in the figure by the distance LL’ which is the amount of workers that will move from Foreign to Home so that the new distribution of labour becomes OhL’ in Home and L’Of in Foreign.”

“Wages will thus decrease in Home and increase in Foreign resulting in a loss for the indigenous workers in Home illustrated in the figure by the area a but a gain for the capital owners of the areas a+b. In Foreign the workers get an increased income of areas c+d+e while the capital owners lose areas d+e. The result in total is a net gain for the two countries by areas b+c which is a gain resulting from higher efficiency in the use of the total resources of the two countries.”


The person in this video - who also authored this paper, stood up to them.


True enough, even if it means extinction in the short-term of bees and then not too long after, humans.


we know that we are captives in a corporate state, and that neither the puppet president nor the congress can ever say or do anything the corporatocracy will not approve of. But in this case we sort of hoped the bees could win. because even billionaires need bees. that’s how we and they too get our food. FDR belonged to that class too but he wasn’t an idiot. the capitalists we have in charge now are well represented by that pitiful array of presidential candidates they have presented. they do not believe in evolution or climate change, and nobody told them about bees either.


Thus spake the EPA:

“Reduce honey bee colony losses to no more than 15% . . . increase the population of the monarch butterfly to 225 million . . . restore or enhance 7 million acres of pollinator habitat.”

Then it lay back down at the feet of Monsanto and returned to sleep.


To many ifs truth is capitalism will always follow cheapest labor highest profits allegiance be damned.


Yes, the pesticides are killing the bees but so is wireless technology. Wifi and cell phones emit electro magnetic radiation which interfere with the bees system of navigation. The cell phone towers emit enough radiation to confuse the bees who then can’t find their hive. The bees die, but not in the hive. They die and are not even noticed other than that they are just gone.

This radiation is also harmful to human beings. There is evidence that wifi interferes with heart monitors and causes brain cancer, especially if you hold that cell phone next to your head. We need more restrictions on this new technology which is especially dangerous for children and pregnant women.


chap: Don’t expect much in the way of tangible solution from Obama. That’s not why he’s in
office, and his predecessor was no different, nor will the the next POTUS. Perhaps we can
survive on non-pollinated stuff, or change venue.


The Obama-whore doesn’t care. He’s already been hooked by Big CHEM like monINSANEto and Dow.

He completely lied about Fukushima fallout, and did nothing, which may be half of the cause of these bee die-offs. His nuke gravy train with Rahm Emanual is just too important to worry about all his people going hungry.