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The Belmarsh Tribunal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/02/belmarsh-tribunal


The Belmarsh Tribunal

Once again, people of wisdom, good sense and empathy are bringing the United States to trial for war crimes, death, torture, imprisonment without trial, and its own attempts to try and jail or execute a journalist who had the temerity to tell the truth about the crimes of what should now be called the Fourth Reich, against its own people and the world at large.
** I hope that, this time, the People and Nations of the world will act to suppress this rogue nation before it manages to destroy the Ecology and We the People of the World for their own profit.
** Hopefully, a war should not be necessary. if We the People of the World and our governments would just make this nation, and it’s fascist allies, shunned nations. No trade, no communications, no travel, no assistance, no supplies until they and their governments prove a desire to again join the human race. This does not mean talk and lies, which we have watched with disgust for decades, but with deeds, such as replacing their “leaders” with people with humanitarian outlooks, shutting down oil drilling and fracking, coal mining, dumping of hazardous materials into our water, the sea, burning it to let the hazmat travel about the world as smoke and contaminated rain. All for the profit of a handful of people addicted to greed and power uber alles.
** When these nations begin taking actions to improve the world, grow and distribute non-GMO crops to those who hunger, develop natural power resources such as solar, wind, planetary heat, waves, etc. When these nations stop looking for the maximum profits for medicine, for economic travel, for home building with attention to ecological values, to cease using poisons that are killing off our infrastructure and harming our children, and ourselves, Then and only then should they be welcomed back into the community of nations.
** Fifty-four years ago Bertrand Russell and Jean-Paul Sartre started the same tribunal. Now we have a number of similar minded people beginning the Belmarsh Tribunal. We the People of the World have had our noses rubbed the foul effluent of unlimited greed for far too long. Now we are facing people who would rather see the world destroyed than be forced to share a dime with anyone. I am speaking out because I am one of the relatively few survivors of the thermonuclear testing of the H-Bombs, in my case, Operation Redwing, Bikini Atoll, 1956. I have seen, felt and suffered what these conscienceless people seem to think little of inflicting upon what is rapidly becoming a sick and dying planet.
** It is way past time that We the People of the World call a halt to this insanity and begin building a better, healthier world. If we don’t, the “Atomic Clock” tells us we are just minutes away from the end of all things.


We The People are the jury in this tribunal. Your vote, shared with everyone you know and sent to your congressional representatives, counts for more in determining the future of the United States than the ballot you cast in the presidential election. No matter who wins, we are fucked; but if Assange goes down, we are bound, gagged, blindfolded, and fucked.