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The “Bernie Bros” Narrative: a Cheap Campaign Tactic Masquerading as Journalism and Social Activism


The “Bernie Bros” Narrative: a Cheap Campaign Tactic Masquerading as Journalism and Social Activism

Glenn Greenwald

The concoction of the “Bernie Bro” narrative by pro-Clinton journalists has been a potent political tactic — and a journalistic disgrace.


Most of us here at CD fully anticipated this smear campaign through the M$M. The best weapon is word of mouth echoing of Bernie's message. Be careful among the reptiles.


All things being equal a woman president seems worth a try - patriarchy
doesn't seem to cut it - hence this "sleep-walk to extinction".
Depends on the woman though. Thatcher - had to out tough the men. You can see
another potential "Iron Lady" in HRC and that's the worst option. We
need wise women.

Clinton's support from Pelosi and many older women gives a whole new twist to the
idea of cronyism. Wait, are we speaking of crones or cronies?


Supporting anyone because of their sex is, by definition, sexist; just as supporting anyone because of their race is racist.


I am female and several decades past my 45th birthday. I have had serious concerns about Hillary ever since she ran in 2008, and I fully support Bernie. I will, of course, support whichever one wins the nomination. The alternative is terrifyingly unacceptable. But I truly believe that Bernie has the vision and determination that we need to address the crippling economic inequality now rampant in our country. He has been consistent in his principled stands on economics and military adventurism, while demonstrating the ability to learn and grow in areas where he was lacking. We need to elect Bernie AND elect enough Democratic Senators to allow his programs to move forward.


As a woman who is very sensitive to both sexism and misogyny, I am an avid Bernie Sanders' supporter and I am over 50.

Maybe all of the women who recognize the FAR more sane & humane policies of Mr. Sanders should call ourselves "bros" just to mock the latest use of a fake ruse deployed in the hope of reducing Sanders' popularity numbers.

I think Mrs. Clinton got down in the trenches with lots of merciless BAD men and believes, as a result, that she paid her dues and now is DESTINED for the American throne. The analogies to Lady Macbeth really do seem apt here.

No one would say this about Barbara Lee, Elizabeth Warren, Jill Stein, or other principled women who really do give a damn about their constituents.

Mrs. Clinton is drunk on power.

The idea of the vampire gaining power from others' blood could be symbolic; and if so, it represents those who really do live for the power of taking lives through military acts that defy Universal Law (that is, they are done IN the dark and are part of "the dark side").


That's easy for a white male to say.

This nation, as well as others, is way overdue for a larger female component to ALL decision-making bodies.

The problem is that centuries of patriarchy produced women who identify with the existing patriarchal order. Like Blacks who act deferential to the existing status quo (like Eric Holder, Obama, Colin Powell)... the distinctions they SHOULD bring to their respective offices on account of the particulars of their race get diluted into SERVING power and not rocking the boat.

So while the axiom that it's sexist to consider gender has a ring of truth to it, it also works to maintain a status quo that largely is represented by and for the interests of white males: i.e. the long-existing dominant (and dominating) group.

BTW: Your "logic" reminds me of the right wing angry white guys who use Affirmative Action laws against Blacks and women in arguing that THEY are "the minority" and that no preferential treatment of any sort should be granted to those groups who were marginalized (and lost power, status and resources as a direct result) over the course of history.


The Clinton machine will say whatever it takes to get a win. It isn't about the truth with our well entrenched status quo elites. Older women are from a generation where women first entered the workplace instead of staying home with the kids or taking receptionist jobs. Younger women are from a generation where more new graduates of law schools are women - where women run major corporations - are surgeons and scientists and the sexiest blondes have PHDs.

Clinton's campaign is also promoting the claim that Clinton would be better able to get things done in Wash.. Like Obama has? How about someone speculating on who Clinton would appoint for her cabinet. Some Obama people? Clinton is the status quo yet is claiming that >>> She will be new and improved while still the same old formula.

Are you surprised by that? Don't expect anything new from Clinton... she doesn't even pretend that she will do things different.


Don't let yoursef forget the words, "we came, we saw, he died", cackled by Hilary Clinton. Yes, being responsible for the deaths of half a million kids in Iraq as Bill Clinton's Sec of State was worth it utterance by Madeline Albright, is another example of Clinton stop at nothing for power rule by the Clintons. Ask yourself what kind of woman makes these kinds of remarks; then ask yourselves what kind of person makes these kinds of remarks. This is human and political sickness of the first order. Yes, we could embrace a real woman, a smart woman in the White House as our President. But a sick woman trying to out tough the sick men is not to be tolerated.


Dirty tricks from "We came We saw and He died" Killary, who would have thunk it. Sanders is upsetting the apple cart at Democratic headquarters, and a lot of big $ interests are scrambling to figure out how to stop him.
If the Democrats want to win, why would they pick the person that has less chance of winning in the election? I think most here know the answer.


Thanks so much for your words. I can only hope that the woman commenting next to you and supports Bernie but will vote for Hillary if nominated will read your words and mine, notwistalemon, and think long and hard before voting. If the Democrats nominate Hillary, then the Democrats have outlived their service as Party.


I SECOND your comments. As a feminist since age 14 in the 1970s, I will NEVER SUPPORT Hillary Clinton & am DISGUSTED by her SEXISM smear. Hillary is what I;ve called a "corproate feminist:" since about 1980: that is, it's all about a FEW white middle-class women climbing the corp-orate ladder. Example: a white woman wants to be CEO of her com[any "Promote me! I can exploit and lay off workers as well as any man can!" Clinton PUSHED FOR the shredding of the social safety net ("welfare reform") which DIRECTLY HARMED THE MSOT VULNERABLE WOMEN & CHILDREN---and she STILL STANDS BY IT saying "I think the policy worked very well." She's a big "drug warrior" who, with Bill,. PUSHED FOR "tough on crime" laws that BUILT the prison-industrial complex over the last 25 years and while she says "there were some unintended consequences" she STILL STANDS by "3 Strikes You're Out" LIFE sentences, mandatory minimums, criminalizing marijuana the SAME as cocaine & meth, & ADDING 48 MORE crimes eligible for DEATH PENALTY. She;s also a WARMONGER. And the fact is PUNISHING POOR PEOPLE, psuijng CORPORATE Trade policies (NAFTA & TPP() and promoting WAR (Hillary PUSHED FOR ATTACK ON LIBYA are NOT feminiist values at all. If Brenie Sanders does not get the Democratic Party nomination, I, too, am voting for GREEN PARTY candidate DR,. JILL STEIN---who I've contributed to her campaign as I ahve Bernie Sanders. Bill & Hillary Clintono ahve done as much damage to our country as have the Bushes---NO TO A CLINTON DYNASTY! #FeelTheBern


My opposition to Sanders is not from a feminist perspective or a pro-Clinton agenda, but rather, it is due to the Bernie Bombs.

Sanders has promised to continue the drone-killing program and promises to smash ISIS, which translates to a continuation of the Obama/Bush program of bombing the middle east into the stone age.

Sanders is just a faux-socialist face to manipulate you into tacitly supporting 4 more years of military rule in the USA.

But don't take my word, go ahead, give money, campaign, put him in office if you want. Then see where we are in 4 more years.


In addition to being sexist, gender specific voting is, in many cases that I have observed, also single issue voting.

Liberals and progressives who serially criticized Dubya voters for being single issue voters...guns, choice, etc. are not being objective if they don't identify many of Hillary's gender specific voters as single issue voters.

If Elizabeth Warren were running I would not just vote for her, I would actively campaign for her.


Agreed that Bernie is, like TR, FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ, among other presidents, a guns and butter president. While being far from perfect, guns and butter is much better for the 99% than being a guns and no butter president that Obama is and what Hillary and all the GOP candidates will be.

Wall Street and its military industrial complex (MIC) drive the war industry. There will be no reduction of war profiteering until the Wall Street/MIC cartel is controlled, and no candidate other than Bernie has even hinted at controlling that monster.


" Sanders is just a faux-socialist face to manipulate you into tacitly supporting 4 more years of military rule in the USA."

Unfortunately true, because the Amerikan Empire is only a democracy in name only and is really a military dictatorship. And Bernie's not going to change that because they will stop at nothing to make sure that does not happen, including assassination.

But having stated that, I believe Bernie is a peacemaker compared to the frenzy of bellicosity of either a HRC or Trump Presidency. In terms of their foreign policies, they are both faithless, deceitful fascists that are quislings for the miasma of the Amerikan Empire. I know you probably think Bernie, like Obama is the " more effective evil " but I do not agree with that assumption because Obama was and is a con man, at least Bernie has a decent track record on his domestic policies. And in spite of Bernie having to acquiesce to the MIC the man has proven integrity. And from my perspective, except for third party candidates, Bernie is the best Presidential candidate to come along in my lifetime and for all Bernie's liabilities on foreign policy, his assets far outweigh his liabilities.


I think the supposed "age-gap" being reported/sold to the public may be just crap! I and many other seniors can clearly see the difference between who serves the ultra-wealthy, corporate greed and other special interests, and who stands with and advocates for the people's needs and sustainable future! I believe this demographic "data" is being skewed to make people fear Sanders and his principled policies, when the truth is, IMO, that the fear should be in a continuation of Bill Clinton's and Obama's sellouts to big-money and corporate, banker profits and immunity from accountability above all else as the norm - our future. Issues advocated by Bernie Sanders would benefit ALL citizens regardless of age and that truth needs to be seen, not questioned by fear and manipulations!


"Sanders is just a faux-socialist face to manipulate you into tacitly supporting 4 more years of military rule in the USA." What are you saying? Are you trying to posit the incredible notion that Sanders is a Trojan horse candidate secretly sponsored by the Koch brothers or the military industrial complex or whomever? That's just nuts.
Really, you are saying that Sanders is a fake, phony and fraud?????? Geez, talk about wacko conspiracy theories. I could not disagree more.
Bernie is the real deal, he has a record of being honest and straightforward. He has even admitted that he will raise taxes in order to fund universal health care and tuition free higher education which is a good deal.


When a woman takes on the ruthless forms of exploitation typical of male heads of corporations (or government, or the military) she ceases being a Feminist.

This is the problem with words.

A war-hawk can self-identify AS a Progressive because what, they accept gay rights?

Words need to be tailored back to recognizable fabrics, the GENUINE article.

Some time ago I made the analogy that Monsanto's genetically modified faux food is now so wedded to biological chains of REAL food that it may prove impossible to disentangle them.

Similarly, disinformation is wedded to facts in a manner that also makes it next to impossible to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff.

The same thing now holds true of words!

I don't see any positive role model in a woman taking on the WORST of patriarchy and its war-dominance-shock-doctrine style capitalistic exploits.

Many Blacks have to feel betrayed by Obama. On his "watch," voting rights of Black citizens are being rolled back by this odious Supreme Court. And look at all the gun violence directed at Blacks by those sworn to PROTECT citizens?

For the make-war state to continue on its rampages by merely shifting its cover/brand/veneer... but NOT its content is a betrayal as great as the greatest of evils. This time, the canard is done through putting a woman's face on it!

This nation, neither the world, can afford that!

Bernie, for his flaws, is AUTHENTIC and the progenitors of all things fake--from wars based on false evidence, to Monsanto's disgusting faux food, to faux streams of wealth devised from Wall Street's most clever con-men--are facing their HOUR of demise!

All over the world people are marching, fed up, and/or awakening.

The time of pharaohs (as corporations) and serfs/slaves/subjects is coming to an end!


You want the patient to do all the things he did before his massive stroke and heart attack. That patient is our nation.

Many of us say, just give the patient a new diet and get him on his feet again... from there, he's very likely to make wiser decisions.

The flaw in YOUR argument is that no viable candidate is speaking out against the M.I.C.

It's very easy for the Monday morning quarterbacks who have no serious skin in the game to demand that a politician IN the line of fire take stands that have led to the assassinations of others who took those same stands.

Blaming Sanders for not opposing the MIC and the "Sorrows of Empire" is a low ball attack.

That beast has become a Cancer with tentacles in EVERY state; and with unemployment numbers tabulated to make things look better than they really are... what politician would dare talk of cutting jobs? And the MIC's tentacles indeed do make for jobs in all states.

Just as no one in the mainstream media discusses the truth about the JFK assassination, the lies that led to the Iraqi war, and 911... no politician is willing to broach the subject of The Beast... yet.

Among those running, there is no one saner than Sanders. (I voted for Jill Stein in the past, but she just doesn't have the power to get enough face time to make her positions heard.) Since she has better odds of being hit by lightning than acquiring the Oval Office... and since the alternative is an Ebenezer Scrooge Cruz or Enfant Terrible (little Napolean) like Trump, SANITY dictates that SANDERS is the ONLY real choice.