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The Bernie Campaign: The Democratic Party’s Biggest Insurrection in Decades


The Bernie Campaign: The Democratic Party’s Biggest Insurrection in Decades

Norman Solomon

Forty-eight years ago, a serious insurrection jeopardized the power structure of the national Democratic Party for the first time in memory. Propelled by the movement against the Vietnam War, that grassroots uprising cast a big electoral shadow soon after Senator Eugene McCarthy dared to challenge the incumbent for the Democratic presidential nomination.


Well stated Mr. Solomon. I was stuck in Vietnam in '68 so I couldn't help McCarthy. McGovern was, sorry to say, BORRR ING, and Jackson was in '88 and is today, a grifter.

Sen Sanders is the real deal and possibly progressives' last chance to save our democracy. Eight years of Hillary Clinton will be the last nail in the coffin for the middle-class. It will be the gilded class in gated communities vs. the rest of us, and we'll basically be on our own, thankful for the crumbs.

Many of us have been looking for the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party these past eight years. This may be our last chance.


This. :O)


If your scenario plays out, WallaceN, 'the rest of us' will need to organize on our own instead of being 'thankful for the crumbs.' Seriously, the government of this country, like all others, was built by people like us in coalition with wealthy landholders. To this day there are those of that class who would assist us in bypassing what most assume is an eternal empire (but which will crumble and fall like all the others, the more quickly as this imagined scenario comes to pass!). THAT is what we will have to focus on if Bernie loses - building that movement and working toward a completely different society than the one we've been so desperately trying to fix. To hell with it, I say! Let it fall. We will build our own.


The differences among Democrats today are relatively minor compared to the differences during the days of the Vietnam War. The differences between Clinton and Sanders really aren't that great. Debt-free higher education vs free public higher education, improve Obamacare vs single-payer health care, Wall Street reform including Dodd-Frank vs reinstate Glass-Steagall, more money for infrastructure vs even more money than that for infrastructure, defeat ISIS with no boots on the ground and a no-fly zone in Syria vs defeat ISIS with no boots on the ground but no no-fly zone.in Syria, lost of programs to combat climate change vs lots of programs to combat climate change including a carbon tax,. Whether Clinton or Sanders wins the party should have little trouble uniting to take on the Republicans who are much badder than they were back in days of the Vietnam War and when Jesse Jackson ran for president. That is the main task, defeating the Republicans. The movement will go no matter who wins but the world is changing rapidly with artificial intelligence, a changing climate, etc and the movement will have to adapt to such changes to remain relevant and achieve the implementation of progressive values.


This is an excellent, poignant reminder for Ds to welcome the reality check of the D Party elite's anti-democratic character, which rivals the GOP's anti-republican nonsense. Both major party elites are vehemently reactionary, and are ready to dive into bed together in an increasingly open drive to consolidate, centralize, and concentrate Wall Street's power/money cabals into a US nazi regime as soon as it becomes more obvious that the US population under 45 years of age is sick of both reactionary parties.

This will become more obvious as the Clintons follow Carville into the most septic gutters of anti-democratic electioneering over the coming weeks & months. We activists need to focus on building healthy relationships - amongst ourselves, between groups primarily devoted to political/economic/spiritual transformation, and, increasingly, on reliable leadership building and holding leadership accountable to the highest ethical, moral, and spiritual standards. The D party will evaporate over the next two or three elections, as certainly as will the R party.

The duopoly's disintegration will usher in the hard-nosed political warfare of the Carvilles, Emmanuels, Clintons, Military Brass, Wall Street Financiers, Corporate Media, and all the status quo oriented unions, and other corporations, pesudo non-profits, (like the Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Facebook freak's foundation, all the PACs & Super PACs, AIPAC, Chamber of Commerce, etc.). The pseudo "intelligence" bureaucracies will continue disintegrating as the public becomes increasingly aware of how rotten corrupt those cultures are, and how much they harbor more spies than they find anywhere else around the world.

We really need an on-going, increasingly sophisticated culture that develops superior exposes distinguishing the fake charities from the genuine ones. Above all else, we need local political/economic/spiritual cultures focused upon creating reliably sustainable cultures growing into increasingly nuanced resilience-creating sub-cultures, micro-polities, micro economies/ecoiogies, and micro-spiritual creativity/evolution centers - walking away from the status quo cultures with all deliberate speed. This culture needs to be increasingly focused on envisioning and articulating the future we want to embody in all its primary relations, and in all the subordinate arrangements of power across the continent & world as the US empire & its political rot further implodes. The radical gap between economics & ecologies cannot be exposed, eliminated/transformed into resilient, sustainable cultures of relationships too quickly.

The Sixth Great Extinction is engulfing us and we are still following the status quo reactionaries. This we must reverse; we cannot do it too gracefully or too expeditiously. How shall we envision with increasing precision where we are, where we suppose we want to be, and how we present compelling alternatives to contemporary imperial corruptions?


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"The Sunday New York Times editorial endorsing Clinton could hardly be more fanciful and hagiographic if written by her campaign."

Go to that editorial on the NY Times website, click on comments, and select "Readers Picks". The deluge of indictments of Hillary, the Times, and its editorial board is simply overwhelming. The Times hasn't faced such a reader's rebellion ever before in my memory. The editors must now realize that their readers despise them, although they probably don't regret it yet ...


Without even using a magnifying glass, the differences between Clinton and Sanders that you list as being "really aren't that great" are chasms wider than the Grand Canyon.

Dodd/Frank vs. Glass Steagall ?????

Dodd/Frank started out as a mouth with two teeth left in it, Obama already kicked out one of those teeth, and the too big to fail banks now control 45% of US banking assets compared to controlling 25% when Dodd/Frank started being drafted. The added red tape created by Dodd/Frank further advantages big banks at the expense of small banks.

By contrast, Glass Steagall was a major driver in creating and sustaining the only real middle class the US has ever known, until Bill Clinton killed it in exchange for the Clintons getting an 8 figure annual payoff ever since.


Although I am not from the Show me State, I am a Missourian in spirit when it comes to selcting candidates to vote for.

While Obama had a Senate track record that any Republican would love and his campaign was hype heavy, low substance, Bernie's House/Senate track record is the opposite of Obama's and he is the first non-third party candidate in decades whose campaign addresses issues that actually affect the 99%.


An interesting fact about all three insurrections is that, even though neither McCarthy, McGovern nor Jackson got the nomination, none of the chosen Democratic nominees won -- Nixon & Bush beat them handily. The Democratic elite seem to be willing to lose an election to the Republicans rather than support a popular progressive candidate. In America's corrupted political system, the rich win regardless of which party wins, and they know it.


Why not talk about the role of internet? There was nothing like the internet during those elections. These days it's huge. And the hatred of corporate media is at an all time high for the people. I think Bernie won't have a problem in the general election even if the establishment does all they can to smear him. Especially if they have to deal with Bernie v Trump.


No, Sen. McGovern was NOT boring--but your post is.


You're not butt hurt I hope. IMO, McGovern had all the right answers to the right questions but he wasn't much of a communicator. Is that better now?


I have to laugh when posters say that. As of today Lix might be right, you know since Clinton has found her progressive roots. It's a miracle I tell ya, it's a miracle! But let's not forget the history.


Was up in I Corp (Phu Bai). Came home through San Francisco. First time I saw a mini skirt. LOL!


I saw my first President ( future ) in 1960. I met my first President in 1965. I worked for Robert Kennedy by attaching door hangers. Registered voters and worked for Sen. McGovern ( not boring at all but very earnest, brave and caring ). I was in the Rainbow Coalition in 1984 and 1988. On and on it goes and where it stops ... " The radical invents the views. When he has worn them out the conservative adopts them. " M. Twain


All that Mr. Solomon says about Sanders may be true but stopping the truly fascist Trump must be the greatest priority. There is a lot of loose talk about fascism but Trump is something new in American politics, an authoritarian who promises one man rule. Standard conservatives like Hillary, Jeb, Rubio etc may be undesirable in many ways but none of them presents the kind of threat to representative government that Trump does. (Ted Cruz is not as much of a threat to democracy as Trump, in my view, simply because he can not appeal to a wide cross section the way Trump,does)

The real issue now has to be whether Sanders could defeat Trump, and given the past century of red-baiting in the US, it seems to be unlikely. McGovern carried one state, as I recall, and had many more mainstream characteristics than Sanders- war hero, Midwesterner, never said he was a socialist, no history of support for left causes etc)

It is simply too dangerous this year to indulge in celebrating the rise of left thinking within one party - not when the other party is in the grip of a modern version of Mussolini.


"The Democratic Party’s Biggest Insurrection in Decades"

Hell, that ain't sayin' much ...


Climate Change changes everything. It's not going away.Bernie Sanders 2016