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'The Bernie Grassroots Machine Chugs Along': Sanders Raises $18 Million From Individual Donations Averaging $18

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/02/bernie-grassroots-machine-chugs-along-sanders-raises-18-million-individual-donations


The American political system is thoroughly corrupted by money.


Seems like we’ve seen this story before.

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The Spineless Dems are scared shitless when they see Sanders advancing. He’s the only Trustworthy Candidate of the entire bunch! The establishment will do anything to denounce him. This we already know. If we want change, we need Millions of Voters to make it so! This time, Bernie has to win by a landslide …so there is no Doubt!


Just can’t wait to get my mailbox-full of presidential flyers on a daily basis, along with the robo-calls. What a country.

Well said Guitman.
Just to remember that the republicans in power during the 2010 census proceeded to gerrymander the shit out of our voting districts. A pain that continues, and now with support of the SCOTUS.
Yes we need millions more to vote in 2020. That won’t happen if states are allowed to suppress voting among left leaning voters. A fine kettle of fish.

I’ve been sayin’, Bernie’s supporters are as loyal and willing as Trump “supporters”. NONE of the major Cable outlets want to mention his name, including “liberal” MSNBC.


For reference.
During the 2016 campaign, Bernie had 2 million committed donors, who made 8 million donations. Spectrum of their background was wide. But Dems only had 2 candidates then.

Vote your conscience, not for who they think will win, unless you have no conscience.
You might as well vote for trump if you think he will win.
Go Bernie!! He needs your vote.


Unfortunately the Bernster is starting to Burn out like a Dying Star.

He is the Candidate that can stabilize America and free the Working Class from the stranglehold the Corporate Plantation owners have over them.

Corporations have managed to break the Unions and scuttle dissent paying jobs.

They no longer have to bargain with their workers, they simply pack up their machinery and move to China or wherever they can find cheap labor.

Bernie understands that the working class are being marginalized and losing their ability to have a job that gives them financial security.

The majority of the Democratic Candidates running for the presidency are content with the status quo, since Legal Donations/Bribes are appealing to them.

On the other hand they are starting to adopt Bernie’s ideas because they realize his goals for America are exactly what the Majority want.

However, if they do manage to push Bernie aside by using his rhetoric they will abandon his ideas once they get into office because they were never sincerely committed to them.

Keep fighting Bernie hopefully the voters will wake up and realize you are the genuine article.


Some pundit recently said that Bernie is about even with the last elections donations as though that were not good enough. I think it is fantastic that he can hold together a coalition of voters for a steady four years. The pundits are either afraid of Bernie, or their cable bosses.

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Thanks, Barton, and Bernie has my Iowa caucus vote! Go Bernie2020!

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