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The Bernie Sanders Miracle: American Crowd in Brooklyn Cheers Palestinian Dignity


The Bernie Sanders Miracle: American Crowd in Brooklyn Cheers Palestinian Dignity

Juan Cole

The Democratic debate in Brooklyn last night took an unusual turn when a grumpy old Jewish American upbraided a slightly younger Illinois Methodist for not respecting the dignity of the Palestinian people.


Bernie-type Jews are the best solutions to the Ziopig problems.
They have the immunity idol in the "anti-semitic" game.


A peaceful solution to the middle east religious quarrels will disappear like a fart in the wind when humans realize that sky fairies are a delusion.


Professor Cole as usual has provided readers with a comprehensive & accurate essay on the suffering and destruction of Palestinian culture.

People around the world are more and more demanding an end to illegal Israeli-Zionist expansionism, brutal racist occupation, and fomenting war and conflict - often using the lap-dog US & craven politicians - like Hillary Clinton - to support Israeli war crimes!
The MO and goal of Israel of early Zionist leaders was expulsion - ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinian population to build a "pure" racist Jewish state & mythology of Eretz Israel. Israeli terrorists, the Irgun, Stern Gang & Haganah, began the violence (Deir Yassin) and expulsion, and it continues to this day! http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/a-massacre-of-arabs-masked-by-a-state-of-national-amnesia-1970018.html

Like big-money subverting and dominating politics and politicians, so to has Israeli extremism dominated and subverted and bought the world press (and politicians), especially the US, with propaganda and lies to the detriment of all, including themselves.
When religious mythology, violence, racism, and cruelty are made the foundation of any people/state, they will be the greatest loser! The truth of history cannot be hid by lies and violence!



Sanders' concern for Palestinian dignity also shows that there are humane jews besides the Netanyahu types. I think Sanders' ethnicity plays only a minor part: he's simply a good man who fights for the weak and disenfranchised of whatever race and creed.


Were I to bring focus to the fate of the Palestinians, I would be called anti-semitic. Guaranteed. The term is a teflon shield invented to hide the racist nature of the Ziopigs.


It's so refreshing to see a viable candidate for the Presidency bringing issues to the table that have been ignored by the establishment and/or offering different perspectives on issues rather than the party/corporate media/capitalistic-neoliberal, regurgitate BS that we've been force-fed for decades. His level of support has been a pleasant surprise for me and I wish that more people would not be so scared of the prospect of a real change in direction and cowed by those long decades where the power "elite" have horded more and more power and money. Hillary's "incremental change," and "I get things done" arguments ring hollow for those of us who are barely surviving and who see the direction their policies are driving us (which is into the abyss). Mother Earth doesn't give a damn about your "incremental change" and climate change is way beyond a warning light at this point (for example).


It's not about sky fairies, It's about competitive tribalism and survival, its about resources and land. It's about the poison of nationalism -- that is what Zionism is.

Israel is doomed unless it can overcome blind nationalism and the bigotry that is inherent in it granting Palestinians equality and recognizing their right to exist. Because we underwrite Israel, we have the responsibility to curtail the injustice and human-rights abuse that stain our puppet state. I'm proud that Sanders has moved to this position -- he needs to move further and maybe has but as a candidate, he has to be careful given the brainwashing of the American public on this issue.


Doubt is a good thing. Apply it frequently.


We are all doomed regardless of our behavior. There are no saviors, no survivors, and no miracles. Just breathe and hate will evaporate.


In the September 1, 2014 issue of the New Yorker magazine, shortly after the Gaza assault that summer, the editor David Remnick allowed the publication of the article entitled, "Friends of Israel" by Connie Bruck --all about AIPAC and how it influences the U.S. House and Senate: It's still available on-line: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2014/09/01/friends-israel
In short the mechanism of influence is this: AIPAC will approach congressmen and senators with the deal that they will donate heavily to their campaigns if the Congresman will vote the way they are told on all issues concerning Israel. If the public official is not on-board with this deal, then AIPAC will fund the official's competition. As one retiring Congressman said, "It's hard to have a position in this town that isn't what Israel gives you." Of course, one of the positions that Israel gives them is to vote the annual allowance of military aid and four billion dollars. What a great investment for America's "best friend": The Israel lobby bribes your congressmen with millions so Israel can reap billions in return. When the great American public finally becomes aware of the level of deceit and corruption involving their tax dollars, there will be a backlash against AIPAC and all that it stands for. And maybe, at last, some relief for the long-suffering Palestinian people.


Probably but accepting that is a self-fulfilling prophesy. I choose to demand more. If nothing else, I hope to see us become an enlightened civilization even if it is too late. I want the satisfaction of knowing that is possible.


Satisfaction is also... a delusion.


Mr. Sanders' courageous stance (given the typical framing by the U.S. corporate media) on this issue should prove troubling for posters who accuse him of being no different from Mrs. Clinton and just as bombastic on all issues.

Wonder what talking points Aquifer, Alligatorhardt, and "allies" will come up with in an attempt to sabotage Sanders?


Actually, those humane Jews (as you term them) who do speak out are typically branded as self-hating Jews. There's no such thing as teflon when ANYONE opposes Official Narratives.


The idea that the $4 billion is direct aid to Israel rather than a payout to the Arms' Dealers and/or Military Industrial Complex is another widely held deception.

But I agree with the rest of your comment.


It was LarryD3 that used the "humane Jews" term. You are correct that opposition to the official narrative is unforgivable to TPTB, but the teflon does work against the specific "anti-semitic" trump card that is so oft played.


I am responding to you.

And you are incorrect. Attorneys like Alan Dershowitz "go to town" on any Jews who don't show absolute fealty to Israel.

In general, authoritarians--regardless of their "religious stripe"--are hostile to those who don't march lockstep with their ideology and its operational instructions.

There are many way to marginalize and demonize people who don't go along with The Program. It takes a penetrating intellect to notice the ones that are not overt.


Bernie = Alan? I'm perplexed.


As an atheist who believes that Israel does not have a right to exist, and that the Palestinians have every right to try and drive them into the sea, I am disappointed that Bernie supports Israel's right to exist. I do however, realize that he is the only national politician in the U. S. who at least supports a right of the Palestinians to have their own independent state. That is a small step in the right direction. Now if he would support the end of our military and financial aid to Israel...