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The Bernie Sanders Moment


The Bernie Sanders Moment

Todd Gitlin

THE white-haired politician stands before 10,000 cheering supporters in Madison, Wis., and calls for “political revolution,” denouncing a “rigged economy” that produces “a grotesque level of inequality,” returning to a theme that ’60s radicals have long been trumpeting.


Now if only Sen. Elizabeth Warren would become Bernie’s running mate (she’d make a great VP and get that experience to bolster her own presidential run in the future) … it’d make a lot of progressives ‘get religion’ lol.

Bernie and Warren - A vote for the future of the planet!


I’ve already ordered my Bernie bumper sticker. Demand was so high his campaign sent out an email apologizing for the delay in sending it.

I also have zero expectation that he’ll get the nomination of the left wing of the corporate party.

Will they destroy him with an out of context shout replayed endlessly (Howard Dean). Will it be some hidden part of his past like electro-shock therapy (which sank McGovern’s VP candidate Thomas Eagleton)?

My guess is they’ll try to make him look senile and cantankerous. A grumpy grandpa who might set nukes flying in a rage.

But until the DNC kicks Bernie under the Clinton Campaign bus, he’s got my support.

I think he’ll provide a very good example of how far the corporate Dem’s rightward drift has taken them from their base.

Then I’ll vote for Jill Stein.


One gets tired of passive aggressive pundits. To end this article with a promo for Hillary as if she is somehow rejuvenated as a progressive despite her hawkish record and with a jab at Bernie “However unpromising his prospects for an electoral victory” is deplorable.

This was deceitful at best to evoke the progressive movements of the past in the service of the supposedly inevitable status quo of a Hillary candidacy. Old ways may die hard … but in some people they definitely do die and are replaced by something else.

The Bernie Sanders Movement is a better line than the Bernie Sanders Moment. Look at how manipulative and dishonest that characterization is. This commentary could have been heard on fox news except that its barbs are too subtle but no less cutting.

So many people are desperately trying to convince progressives that Bernie is a only a flash in the pan - a brief moment - no real chance etc etc.

Meanwhile the Bernie for president Movement is gaining steam all over the country while the other candidates look lackluster.


The United States is pushing a very aggressive policy against Russia and China. Which could end up escalating into a full blown Nuclear war with both Russia and China. Still only silence on this issue from Bernie. There’re also many other important foreign policy issues he’s not addressing. Does anybody know were he stands on the Iran peace deal? The linked article talks about Bernie’s silents on these important issues of war and peace. We all need to talk about this military industrial complex that is completely gone out of control. So that we can preserve this planet for future generations. Before it’s to late.

Does anybody know if Bernie has address Fukushima? The biggest never ending natural disaster that is killing the planet.



Thank you for this. I am astonished at the never-ending naivete of American liberals. After so many years of rightist betrayal by Barack Obama, so many are chomping at the bit to be betrayed once again.

I implore any Sanders supporter to read the Sanders coverage over at Black Agenda Report, open their eyes, and become whole. Here’s the most recent.


Mr Sanders voted against the wars, one of a small minority in the Congress with the courage to do so. I can trust him to be far less willing to push the button than any Republican, Hillary Clinton included. For an American politician he is amazingly left. I will support him until the deep state figures out how to knock him out of the race.
Then I will vote for Jill Stein.


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Strange is the only word I can think of to describe this article. The Sixties protests, as I experienced them, never appealed to anyone over thirty, the Port Huron Statement was read by few other than those who wrote it, and its influence in American politics extend no further than an academic clerisy gathered around such people as Staughton Lynd, et al. And to imply that Bernie’s politics is a sort of warmed over version of radical sixties politics is nuts. I was there, I was young, and sixties radicals disdained what they called “hard hats,” the working class, and never tried to embrace them. People became politically active, people, because of the war and the draft. Surely, Gittlin sees that Bernie’s ideas echo more the New Deal than the Sixties.

Gittlin ends the piece by reaching back decades to Hillary’s Commencement Address, her work on the NIxon Impeachment (committee staffer), and with the Children’s Defense Fund. What has she been up to lately, like for the last thirty years? It’s not a pretty record. The head of the Fund, Marian Wright Edelman’s husband resigned from the Department of Health and Human Services because of Hillary’s hubby’s so called “Welfare Reform.”


I really like what Bernie is saying, but I don’t like what he is not saying. Say something about the phony War On Terror, maybe something about our out of control military spending (F-35, made in Vermont)… How about the about the Palestinians, Bernie?


As an outsider looking in the importance of the Sanders campaign is not whether or not he will keep his promises. It is that the left becomes bolder after years of hiding away.

I would suggest that had I went to the USA in 1984 and sat across from people over a few beers while discussing my views towards Socialism , I would have had very few people willing to listen and might well of been run out as some sort of Communist.

I believe I could have that conversation today this made evident by the numbers of people willing to listen to his message.

I have long stated that it more important to understand what a Politician does over what he says. I believe this remains the case even here with Mr Sanders and that I am not contradicting myself. The message can and should be separated from the Candidate rather than dismissing both together.


Why do you not have the courage to support Jill Stein from right now instead of wasting time on an F-35 boondoggle, Israeli-nazi supporting day dreamer who believes he can have it all?


That’s because the corrupt system doesn’t allow third party candidates to succeed. Go ahead and align yourself with the one party, that’s also called the War party.


The thing of it is that Bernie is looking like he stands a chance. It wasn’t all that long ago that people said a black man would never stand a chance at getting elected.

Last time around… America voted for change but we didn’t get it. America may just vote for change when it is someone who has a record of supporting change. If we vote for Bernie we just might get the change we all know we need… this time around.


i didn’t get why it was flagged either.


I notice your comment was flagged. So I read it and didn’t find anything offensive about it. I wonder if somebody press the wrong button. lol


Courage? Really?

Bernie is getting a lot of support for saying things far to the left of Hillary and the Corporate Dems. I like that. I think that the longer he’s running the more apparent it will be that the Dems are out of touch with their base.

That’s why.


Why? Why not go for Stein right from the get-go?


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Your putting the cart before the horse, there. The hard hats hated the hippies, the blacks, interracial dating couples, uppity ( non-traditional ) women, smoking pot rather than drinking beer, losing the Vietnam War instead of winning it, et al. Don’t you think the slogan, " A Man’s Home Is His Castle ", with all it’s implications, rang through the late 60s? Nixon and Agnew benefitted from the trade unionists being religiously conservative, racist and the whole damn nine yards. Nobody mentions George Wallace’s impact ( bad ) in the 1960s. That’s being sloppy. In 1965, before the Vietnam War went completely off the rails, LBJ was hot. Wallace and his bunch wanted him dead, politically. I saw LBJ speak to progressive voters and they loved the ideas behind The Great Society. By 1966, the backlash vote went into overdrive. Most of the hippies I knew were from Republican, upper class households. Muskie was picked by Humphrey to stop some of that bleeding. Bernie and RFK are running the same dynamics of a platform, 50 years updated. In 1972 The Daley Machine’s hate of the McGovern wing and Nixon’s closeted racist union appeals and outright lies, won the day. The left and hippies carried power in very few places, nationally. Elections are still won or lost at the kitchen table and not over F-35s, Israeli b.s. or the soup of the day… Bernie,/ Kennedy &, McGovern vs. Humphrey/Clinton for the Dems and the Republican Insane Clown Car Posse’s Choice is what we got to look forward to. I’m still with Bernie on this deal.