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The Best Congress Money Can Buy


The Best Congress Money Can Buy

Eric Margolis

Be proud, America! You have the very best Congress that money can buy.

It’s no secret that many in the House and Senate have long been corrupted by money and special interests. The constant need to advertise on TV makes all politicians slaves of the money lenders and other big donors.

The great Mark Twain called Congress “America’s only native criminal class.” Nothing much has changed.

Members of Congress are held in even lower public esteem than murderers, lawyers and…journalists. It’s often cheaper to buy a legislator than a second-hand car.


Margolis makes an often overlooked point, that important people in Israel and abroad still keep the concept of a Greater Israel alive. Greater Israel, as defined in Genesis, runs from the Euphrates to the wadis of Egypt, a long way from the Jordan River. There is a potential for a great deal of mischief in that phrase. Zionists could never have accomplished what they have in the last 100 years thinking small.


Is this the Zionist (sic) dream of a state built on morality, social fairness, and honesty?

It’s been pretty obvious for almost 80 years that whatever dream that zionists may share has nothing to do with morality, social fairness, or honesty.

A handy, last-minute “crisis” with one of Israel’s neighbors might tip the election to Likud. A few rockets from Gaza could swing the election.

There may very well be rockets from Gaza but they won’t be fired by Gazans.



"Democrats are now largely owned by Israeli-American billionaire Haim Saban who calls himself somewhere to the right of the late Ariel Sharon. Saban, a media mogul, recently gave $5-10 million to the Clinton Library and is Hillary’s principal …Eric Margolis

Only 60 members of Congress had the guts to skip Bibi’s intrusion into American politics, only 60 out of 535.


"Adelson, one of America’s richest men, made his fortune through gambling, something Dr. Johnson aptly called “a tax on fools.”

Gambling preys on the poor and addicted just as much as do drugs."

And what is “investing” in the Wall Street Casino if not gambling? What are stock brokerages if not plush crack houses and fancy opium dens for gambling addicts? What are stockbrokers if not drug pushers?

Rich conservatives are as addicted to gambling as others may be addicted to drugs, but “earnings” sounds better than “profits”. Hooked cons rationalize that money addiction is a virtue, like their addiction to the superstitions they call religion. I don’t know about a cure for stupidity, but Is there a Twelve Step Program for "investors’?


One can find numerous articles about the use of drugs and prostitutes on Wall Street.

I wonder sometimes whether the sex workers argued with the investment bankers over who were the bigger whores.



True enough, but it is even CHEAPER to merely spend a few grams of lead on EACH AND EVERY ONE of the criminals at large…