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The Best Has Yet To Come


The Best Has Yet To Come

Naomi Klein

On the surface, the battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders looks like a deep rift, one that threatens to splinter the Democratic Party. But viewed in the sweep of history, it is evidence of something far more positive for the party’s base and beyond: not a rift but a shift—the first tremors of a profound ideological realignment from which a transformative new politics could emerge.


Thank you for that encouragement. We are fighting the long fight and Bernie did what would have been impossible. We won. If all the votes had been fairly tallied and counted, we won.
Just knowing that there are so many in this country that feel the same is comforting and knowing they have all stood up and ready for a political revolution is thrilling.
I hope after the election Bernie will decide to start a third party but if not, we need to. If all the groups now protesting came under one umbrella, individual but together, we could take back this country. Bottom line is there are more of us than there are of them. We could be a massive voting bloc. It would be a start. Bernie has thrown up the shades and let the light shine on this top heavy country, it's our job to fix it.
Never Hillary


Except if our rulers thought that someone could actually win against the rigged system, they would take measures like they did with RFK.

There is a reason that the "Kill List" is kept secret. How is it, that such a list is allowed to exist without anyone being held accountable for their crimes?


Another candidate, Jill Stein, has received much less attention than Bernie. If more people knew about
her she could be regarded as someone who could continue Bernie's message. Abby Martin did an
interview with her that's on you tube - https://youtu.be/g7hEfgxSJ44 In the near future Sen. Sander's fate will be known. Afterward, an alternative to HRC and DT should be known. If it is JS we will have enough time for Bernie supporters to switch their support if he is no longer a viable candidate. As many
have said "when you vote for the lesser evil, you still get an evil". Let's vote for someone we respect.


A Profound (Spiritual) & Ideological Realignment

One thing I think we can all agree on is: there's a lot more going on in the human playbook right now than just a election. If you haven't already; open up your Hearts, and find a place to play. Noami is a wonderful example. Tremendously exciting time to be alive in a physical body. Go Jill!!! Go Bernie!!!


Yes, there are a lot of positives and, yes, it is essential to take the long view, but as Naomi Klein well knows, problems such as global warming need immediate and strong action, not another four years of the talk and lip service that we'll get from Clinton and even less from Trump. Then consider the very real possibility of even more war in the next four years with a Clinton or Trump presidency and it becomes obvious that it is not time to throw in the towel and write off the next four years. Clinton has not clinched the nomination, yet.


Peoples around the world are experiencing the dissociative consequences of the empire/colonization hyper control necessary to prevent human beings from validating their own lived experience - except for that sanctioned by "the system".

Here, the example of people emphatically stating NO! to the intensification of political manipulations facilitated by mass corporate media.

The financial ponzi (as opposed to legitimate economic values/oikos) to make it prohibitively expensive in both time and resource to actually live in contact with the planet beyond its artificial construct as a commodity is generating a spectrum of neuroses that are at times triggered into blown violent trauma. That this is being fomented by institutionalized thievery and elite cabals "buying" influence can very well be argued to be the quintessential 21st century definition of stupidity.

How we envision, describe, engage and discuss what are scorned as pedestrian, mundane and ubiquitous matters is an inquiry being made by numerous anthropologists, philosophers and thinkers of conscience.

To consider the above Elizabeth Povinelli has coined the term 'geontologies' .

Note that this is specifically couched in terms of multiplicity - the study of the nature of being, becoming, existence or reality as well as the basic categories of being and their relations far exceeds the rigid exclusionary institutionalization of 'ontology' as western discipline; is related to how one relates to place on the planet - hence the 'geo', not to mention humorous poetry of the shared '0' in the newly coined word.
... Oh?...

What feels like imprisonment in a mad house can be taken down to fighting our way out of a flimsy and collapsing paper bag - if we listen to each other, utilize our inherent genius and center on generating shared dignity rather than divisive "pride".


of course.


Well reasoned and if this were the 1980s I'd say there is a future to believe in, but it's not and with this election the oligarchy will completely entrench itself!
They have conned the people and stolen this election. Doesn't matter to the oligarchy class who wins, they will go with fellow oligarch Trump, or oligarch wannabe Clinton. That's why they pay so much for her speeches, they want her to become one of them!
Naomi's article is inspirational but she leaves out the elephant in the room (not talking about repubs), but that this election was stolen from the people! And with Trump working the Republican Party we will go from a two party oligarchy to one party system, THE PARTY- corrupted by a complicit media who no longer even pretend objectivity! Much like creating a one Super Power global system, we now have A one super party to govern our "democracy"!
UNLESS, unless some one like YOU care a whole lot about actuall democracy and justice!


This excellent article can be read as a companion piece to Jake Johnson's equally excellent article published on CD yesterday, "Democrats Against Democracy . . ." JJ shed light on the conservative take over of the Democratic Party as embodied by Clinton and Barney Frank, the loss of its 'soul', the :

". . . neoliberal consensus that has worsened deep poverty and inequality while providing the framework within which the wealthy can pursue their ambitions unhindered. . . "

Naomi Klein's article boldly asserts that the Bernie Sanders' movement, through the mobilization of millions, has put a stake through the neoliberal, soul-less, Dracula's heart:

"Clinton, and the 40-year ideological campaign she represents, has lost the battle of ideas. The spell of neoliberalism has been broken, crushed under the weight of lived experience and a mountain of data."

Nosferatu is dead.


The four year Clinton or Trump Administration Klein assumes is not likely when you consider that the more money corporations pour into politics the harder it is to push out an incumbent.

Eight years of either Clinton or Trump is likely to result in nearly every industry being monopolized including the five too-big-to-fail banks being the only banks still in existence in 2025.


Klein writes: "...the evidence is clear: The left just won." I really hate these statements that regardless of what happens, the people have won. What have the people won?

Naomi, I appreciate your clear, high level thinking. I understand that you are trying to motivate and keep the positive momentum going, but I am not sure that this kind of empty optimism is very helpful. Nothing has been won yet. It remains to be seen if the energy generated by Sanders campaign is a sign of the coming transformation. What matters is what we people do going forward.


As Bernie has often mentioned, he is not the revolution, he just got it rolling. .

It takes a catalyst to ultimately achieve a goal, but the catalyst is not the goal.


Keep in mind, CA is still counting those 2,000,000 plus uncounted votes; yesterday they counted just under 163,000. With any luck they will get most of the counting done soon after the Fourth of July. In these counts, Bernie is still closing the gap there with HRC. There are some 477,000 votes separating them as of yesterday evening's last totals. Naomi Klein is, again, prophetic.

Meanwhile with the Drumph/GOP hawks circling their war wagons around the FBI & Obama, putting pressure on both to take their official duties seriously, and with HRC & Drumpf agreeing, the Orlando episode demands more war around the globe, the political ferment this year will hardly cool any time soon.

Kudos to Naomi Klein for intelligent, prescient, poignant thinking and writing!


"The campaign came so close to winning that many of us allowed ourselves to imagine, if only for a few, furtive moments, what the world would look like with a President Sanders." Yep, I allowed myself to believe, don't know if I'll be able to do that again. I'm back to being disillusioned, still trying to get over Warren endorsing everything I hate. Keep giving me fluff articles, I'll keep searching for results.


I wonder if Naomi Klein has started wearing rose-colored glasses.


I think people rushing to embrace Warren forgot that like MS Clinton she was an ex Republican and like Clinton was very much an opportunist when she got the measure of Public sentiment regarding Corporate friendly Government Policy.


In general just love the analyses of Klein.

But when she lists activities & movements as she affirms, "This broad appetite for systemic change did not begin with Sanders" ... she totally ignores efforts of the Green Party for more than a decade, and especially those of Jill Stein. THEY backed Occupy while the Democrats looked the other way. This looks a lot like how the DNC treated Sanders, and it has got to stop.

For all its faults, the fact that there IS an organized, ballot-ready party with a progressive platform ... is in itself, significant.
— Significant, too, is the way it has been ignored and consciously marginalized by legislation and actions such as lawsuits to prevent ballot access, largely by Democrats and folks calling themselves "progressives." If Sanders had not jumped on the Dem ticket, he would have barely been heard of. As it IS, centrist & corporate Democrats did everything they could to silence not just HIM, but mainly ... his message.

Don't jump on that bandwagon, Naomi. There is no other group in the USA that has come as close to advocating your messages, as the Green Party has.


"With so much encouragement, who knows what’s next? Reparations for slavery and colonialism? A guaranteed annual income? Democratic worker co-ops as the centerpiece of a green jobs program? Why not?"

Love ya, Naomi, but "Why not?" Really? Because either Trump or Clinton and the international corporations, especially the MIC the FIRE industries will make sure why not.

Sometimes I wish I had your optimism. While I will continue to do what I can, I find it all rather depressing.


The problem with the Greens is they never coalesced around an organized way to really get their message out, and they demanded too much purity, imo.

And I voted for Stein and may do so again. Still, they have yyuuuuge problems.