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The Best VP Choice for Biden When It Comes to Fighting for Black Lives Isn't Black—It's Elizabeth Warren

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/16/best-vp-choice-biden-when-it-comes-fighting-black-lives-isnt-black-its-elizabeth

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Wall st. will never allow Elizabeth Warren for vp. Joe knows this.

Yes, Wall Street prefers blacks like Obama who are corporatists over progressives who have a track record of removing obstacles that blacks and other people of color face on many fronts.

Warren is in her 70s and a Republican appointee would get her seat, barring a change in Massachusetts law that would be a big lift. An all 70-year-old ticket is a real risk as well. That said, Warren has raised money for Biden and from what I understand, they get along great. She has already gotten him to move her direction on several issues. She has more real power in the Senate than as a VP, where her power will be limited to whatever Biden grants. It’s important to remember, the VP spot, traditionally, is a weak post.

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The best V.P. choice for Biden will be someone that has been approved and chosen by Wall Street!

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I’d rather see Sen Harris as our next Attorney General, and Susan Rice as perhaps our next Secretary of State, and some of the others being considered to instead be appointed by Biden to top govt positions where they have expertise. Elizabeth Warren has a broad focus and range of experience; she is my candidate. She and Biden can work well together; they are both collaborative and have lots of connections and clout politically and in the communities. Elizabeth will help Biden resist the pull of corporate Democrats by reminding him to do the right thing. YES to Elizabeth Warren for VP!

I wish Warren was the nominee------she would demolish Trump just like Blumberg--------The real question is how could 40% support a guy who wrote the tax code to make himself rich–or a guy who stands on the white house lawn and invites foreign powers to involve themselves in our affairs , one of those countries being China???

Rodger Stone is right about one thing the whole system is corrupt.

The authors might be correct.

KC2669 is correct that Warren can do more in the senate, or could.

Would there were some gain somewhere in all this.

If there is a set of ideas or aspirations held to some extent in common here, it has left the official party. Why not attend to that where it goes?

I agree with the authors. Elizabeth Warren has more fight in her than all the other potential candidates put together. She can set Joe Biden straight on every policy and be willing to do the heavy lifting to sell it. I, for one, feel the country will truly be on the way to a better place for those who need a better place if Biden chooses her for his Vice President.
She is brilliant and indomitable!

I voted for Warren. I love Warren. I don’t think she’d be a good fit for Biden in terms of style and basic ideology. She’d be wasted and would probably be better as Mass. Senator. Of course, if the POTUS were to become unable to do his job…

Warren has too much baggage!

The ideal VP candidate is Bernie Sanders. He progressive vision is stronger and broader than Warren’s, and he has followed it for longer. I wish Warren were as progressive as Sanders, but that’s not how things are.

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True. But Biden is just an awful candidate and so the most important position and with any LUCK all the POWER, ala drumpf! will fall to those around him. If he had ANY integrity, he would bow out as soon as he is “elected”. He just again said he wont go for Medicare4All [or single payer]. Why?He does not share the value that healthcare is a Right.Newsflash Joe!Healthcare is a Right to Life!if ever there was one! Nope!He believes some folks outta just die if they cant afford healthcare. Thats what it means! And yet…he is STILL considered a liberal. Wow. He has a record of siding with predatory credit card companies that target the very poor. And his record with enforcement is vile and very bad for POC. To me?Obama was always!Biden’s racist beard. Warren scares the hell out of Wall Street because she targeted them and like her protégé, Katie?Shes relentless. So what?Show some courage!Not the kind that uses weaponry and goes bang, bang! REAL courage.
Shes SO much smarter than Biden it hurts. Everyone talking about racism, which is appropriate! but can we talk just a little about what is staring us all in the face?MISOGYNY. Thats the real reason for Hillary’s fall and its the real reason Warren didnt get the traction her platform deserved. How many women were assaulted, maimed and killed within the last hour? What country STILL allows child marriage!in many of its states?Wheres the freakin ERA?!!!Ok then!!!
It affects more one half the population and it IS the biggest reason why we do not see rational and efficient healthcare, social safety net programs and much more! It’s so entrenched thats it barely mentioned[thats what systemic misogyny IS!] but it’s so much worse than racism in terms of its effects on our society. Why?Because it trumps [forgive me]race!
Biden represents the very worst kind of neo-liberal! he doesnt talk the talk…unless somebody, scripts it for him. Even then, we all breathe out when he doesnt decide to improvise. So idiotic and immature as person! The man challenged a voter in this campaign!to go outside and you know, settle things!WTAF. Why kind of child-man does that? He lied about being arrested in South Africa. Those TWO THINGS should have eliminated him. But no, hes white, hes extremely old and most importantly?He has the right genitalia.
This!is why misogyny needs to be talked about. Its right there!! staring us all in the face. Why do we have to put up with ALL his flaws?Because…wait for it…hes a man. And that!is ALL he brings to the table. So yeah, Warren OBVIOUSLY! After all they are already stealing her slogans and her platform! We can all hope, Biden finally!!! grabs a clues when “elected” and steps the F down.