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The Best Way to Honor Our Vets and Protect Americans? End the Wars


The Best Way to Honor Our Vets and Protect Americans? End the Wars

Phyllis Bennis, Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

Millions of Americans will spend Memorial Day at community picnics, family barbecues or local parades. “Thank you for your service” will be a ubiquitous phrase.


I am a veteran. I cringe internally whenever someone thanks me for my “service”. Hopefully, I can make it through today without hearing those words.

The only war that I care about is the Class War. The only battle that matters to me is represented by the PoorPeople’sCampaign.


Class War is the only war that matters. Up to now it has pretty much been a Class Slaughter, not war. But with the Poor Peoples Campaign we have at least the first real movement that is fighting back.



Thank you.


Phyllis, thank you so much! For all the work that you do on behalf of us, America’s Poor. Especially for your work on “The Souls of Poor Folk”:

An audit of facts and anecdotal evidence showing unequivocally, that the war economy / militarism, systemic racism and an immoral nationalism has brought us to a juncture in time that could spell the end of Democracy in America. A time that the extremists in power could win the next 2018 and 2020 election cycles with a minority of the electorate through voter suppression, gerrymandering and electoral fraud - AGAIN! Leading America and the world into an era of extremists running governments, worldwide (as is already happening in Honduras, Brazil and Argentina) A totally immorally bankrupt GOP and a totally corrupt DNC that has co-opted the Democratic Party, spell doom to Democracy. Either party in power, will bring an immoral corporate political machine (the DNC chair just endorsed Gov. Cuomo over the People’s Choice candidate). Phyllis Bennis ROCKS!

Awakening the American People is our only hope to stop extremism and corporate rule, once and for all!


Yes, yes, and yes.


A lot of important insights. Unfortunately, his “pro-life” stance REDUCES WOMEN to “empty vessels” while PRIORITIZING undeveloped fetuses. He thinks that society has the RIGHT to POLICE WOMEN’S BODIES. Somehow, it’s all-too-often impossible for WOMEN to be INCLUDED as 3-dimensional human beings with rights to self-determination. I’ll believe that evangelicals are “pro-life” when they stand up for the NEEDS OF THE ALREADY BORN…when they STAND UP AGAINST POLICE VIOLENCE…when they STAND UP AGAINST WARS.


We should not let anyone pressure us into pretending that what US
soldiers do is “serve their country”. I’m sure many of today’s
veterans believed they were doing that, but what they were actually
used for was to ruin other countries. For instance, Dubya’s conquest
and occupation of Iraq was a war of aggression, and never going to
serve America in any legitimate sense.

Let’s not legitimize aggression, because that helps lure more Americans
into being used.