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The Biden Administration Can Reverse Much of Trump’s Bad Labor Policy Without Congress

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/15/biden-administration-can-reverse-much-trumps-bad-labor-policy-without-congress

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Bidden will not reverse trumps labor policies, why? Because his handlers are the same as trumps. bidden is a republican who is greatful to the donor class.


Everyone should do themselves a favor and prepare now for precisely how little Joe Biden will attempt through executive order.

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Or anything else, for that matter, if it’s to help We the People. If it is to help his masters make more money why then, “The Sky’s the Limit!”

Thank Gawd, that we can finally begin talking about how we will FIX this up, after the Orange Diatribe finally saw fit to broadcast his TREASON full-strength over the public phone lines.

Any and all measures are indicated, so long as those measures help, and don’t harm, citizens. We do NOT have to include “caring” about Big Business in this evaluation, either; as they’ve already taken, and eaten, their “cakes.” Anyone doubting this should check out stock prices…

No, the ones Trump damaged were all of us “peons” … so measures that benefit peons OVER businesses are indicated…