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The Biden Administration's Disability Rights To-Do List

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/12/biden-administrations-disability-rights-do-list


How can anyone with a soul, disagree with this list? I would only change the removal of the “school resource officer”, by moving that point to the top of the list.

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The white house spread sheet. The authors can provide the dollar amounts needed to accomplish each goal. For example: Disabled children ages from birth thru 4 years old. Perhaps for 18 and older who need prescriptions for emotional health and become good employees. Police force against the disabled is not new. Until we demand a certain number of college credit hours above 110 be completed by candidates, we will have some really tough people applying and getting hired.

This type of advocacy is vital for all of us in ways many people may not yet understand how this benefits society. It calls for expanding our civil parameters and in doing so we learn a great deal about our communities and ourselves. This voice needs to be heard.

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