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The 'Biden Plan' for Central America Treats Child Refugees as National Security Threat


The 'Biden Plan' for Central America Treats Child Refugees as National Security Threat

Laura Carlsen

When the crisis of unaccompanied minors migrating to the United States burst onto the front pages last summer, it seemed at last the U.S. government would come to grips with its legacy of disaster amid the current havoc in Central America.


Thank you for a truthful, incisive analysis, Ms. Carlsen.

This is the crux of what’s underway:

"This “line of action” intensifies policies that have been imposed for the last 20 years in the region: international trade facilitation, market integration, transnational investment, and export-oriented infrastructure and megaprojects.

Civil society organizations have long criticized this strategy. In a letter to heads of state in 2013, a coalition of 160 organizations stated, “Large-scale ‘development’ projects are imposed on the region’s most vulnerable populations with little or no regard for their lives or livelihoods. This results in forced displacement, especially of indigenous, peasant, and Afro-descendant communities; bloody conflicts over resources; environmental destruction and impoverishment.”


Where’s DHFabian to tell us how great Joe Biden is?


This is a good article as far as it goes but, like so many on this site, it fails to follow the trail of greed to its source.

Does anyone really think that Joe Biden or anyone is Washington came up with the destructive strategies detailed so well by Carlsen?

Here’s the key paragraph.

The economic development section of the plan would support the “Alliance for Prosperity,” an initiative developed with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Northern Triangle governments. The IDB has a history of supporting large infrastructure projects that too often displace populations from their places of origin rather than rooting them through sustainable livelihoods.

Although the stated goals of the IDB sound quite laudable, the purpose of the institution is to transfer wealth from poor Latin American and Caribbean cultures to the developed world.