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The Big (Ag) Cover-Up: Will Factory Farming Finally Stop It's Culture of Abuse?


The Big (Ag) Cover-Up: Will Factory Farming Finally Stop It's Culture of Abuse?

Kenny Torrella

Last year, the investigator working undercover at New England’s largest egg farm found rows and rows of chickens packed tightly into cages so small they were unable to even extend their wings. He found dead ones—mummified and flattened like pancakes—sharing cage space with live hens who continued to lay eggs for human consumption. Some of those eggs were covered in blood.


It occurs to me that the way industrial farmers treat their animals isn't too far from how our government would like to treat us - no humiliation and discomfort too big, no penny saved through depriving decent living standards too small. And all of it wrapped in secrecy - much as the MSM endeavors to keep us from knowing the horrors perpetrated at home and abroad perpetrated by our 'keepers'.


Only through regulations and official inspection can humane treatment of animals be accomplished. The new administration in Washington seems to believe less regulation of business is better. I wouldn't want to be an animal for the next four years.


The solution is simple: If you care for other living beings, stop eating them and there won't be any barbaric factory farming.


As with "organic", the reality of "cage-free" and "crate-free" may not match the reasonable assumption of such.

A corporate pledge isn't worth the paper the press release is written on.

Distrust, and verify.




Baby steps. Be an adult: go vegan.