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The Big Apple Debate


The Big Apple Debate

Robert Borosage

Last night’s CNN Democratic presidential debate in Brooklyn was both contentious and clarifying. It was contentious because the each candidate has had it with the other. Clinton is aggravated that Sanders has been surging and irritated that he keeps pointing out that she’s the big money, establishment candidate in the race.


It certainly seems obvious that based on Hillary's term as Sec of State that her solution is to use USA military power to expand the neocon/neoliberal agenda in the Middle East. Wherever Hillary touched directly, she advocated war despite her supposed agreements. I found it notable that Hillary said at least twice that she had negotiated with the Arabs as if they were a uniform identity, even when she was talking about Egypt. The Arabs? What was she channeling Netanyahu then?

Would Hillary take us to war with Iran? There is no way to know but it does seem like that she would bring us closer to war. She desires to wield American military might which is both reckless and very pathological in its lack of empathy for war's victims. Her affinity for the arch psychopath Kissinger is plainly obvious. Kissinger who never met a man whose life he was concerned about sacrificing. Hillary literally wants to go to war or at least get up close and friendly with war. Brinkmanship au jour! Now that's power... She can't wait!


"But once more, Clinton’s record of supporting failed interventions didn’t come out. It isn’t just Iraq. She championed the coup in Honduras, the intervention in Libya, going after Assad in Syria, the surge in Afghanistan, the meddling in Ukraine."

Libya, Iraq, and Syria did come out, with Clinton throwing Obama under the bus on Libya, which was disingenuous of her. It may backfire. Ukraine and the others were not given attention, and did deserve it ...


I really don't want hrc's bloody hands near the codes that will cause a nuclear winter, thank you very much. Wage Peace says I.


Syria first, then Iran.


If the good die young there is a pretty fair chance that the bad bumped off a whole lot of them.