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The Big Apple Goes With the Home Team


The Big Apple Goes With the Home Team

Robert Borosage

There’s no place like home. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won big last night in their home state of New York. Trump won 60.5 percent of the vote and 88 delegates, with John Kasich a distant second and New Yorkers giving Ted Cruz a good taste of their values – and a goose egg in delegates. Clinton beat Sanders 57.9 percent to 42.1 percent, adding a net of about 72 delegates to her total.


Looks like Tammany Hall (corrupt Democratic machine politics) is alive and well in NYC.


Beautiful factual article. I wish I could also see some good analysis on:

"Can Bernie run as an independent after he has completed the nomination process till July (when the numbers will be more clear where he stands) - and what are his chances in that scenario."

I am aware of his statements about backing the democratic nominee, but given the financial popular support, the significant evolution of his movement, and the way the democratic establishment has treated his candidacy, shouldn't his loyalty to the democratic party be balanced by the loyalty to his movement?


Ralph Nader did not lose the 2000 election for Al Gore.

Bill Clinton's distasteful shenanigans--political and sexual--sapped Gore's strength. And ole Bill's history is entwined around his wife as well.


Home state? B. Sanders was born in New York City; the Goldwater Woman was born in Illinois. She could afford to buy a mansion in New York State for her "residency"
in order to run for Senator from Manhattan.


Where would Hillary be if Trump wasn't as bad as he is? Trump is so bad that he makes Hillary look good. Trump is so bad that the Dems figure even Hillary should be able to beat him.

But what if she doesn't? What if the two status quo parties miscalculated and ran with the less popular Dem candidate assuming that as this author says, Americans aren't about to elect Trump.

I see he is getting the votes among republicans and assuming that he no longer sticks his foot in his mouth and then shoots himself in the foot when he shoots off his mouth, Trump may win the repub nomination.

The Dems keep telling themselves that all their cheating and rigging the game won't matter then because Dems won't vote for Trump. No they probably won't (many will though, so don't kid yourselves about how pissed off people are with the Dems and all the corruption). People wanted change and the Dems have forced them to settle for the status quo again. They may not vote for Trump but they may not vote for Hillary either.

If they force Hillary on this country, a lot of Dems will stay home instead of voting... a return to the status quo indeed... the usual low turn out on election day!

That might end up giving the election to Trump.


Legendary NY corruption, "closed" primary rules, and open electoral fraud has come-thru for the system, two-party domination and their chosen candidate, Hillary Clinton, yet again.
Hundreds of thousands of voters were disenfranchised by repressive election laws and corrupt party politics - tens of thousands erased from voter rolls by corrupt and incompetent Board of Elections. The corruption in this state and the nations politics will continue the accelerating drive over the cliff. As usual nothing will be done to restore the voter rolls and the fraudulent primary charade will stand! ANYONE who thinks this was just an error, or overworked poll workers or accidental failures is a fool! This was a theft! The scam is these frauds are committed intentionally and never repaired by a new election with voters restored to rolls - we are told "its over"! I say BS!

The remaining states will have to combat NY fraud and give Sanders BIG wins to get Bernie the nomination!

Dem Party hacks, brainwashed voting groups, and political whores were in fine form - even supposed "progressive" party apparatchiks like DiBlasio joined the usual DINO sell-outs, Cuomo, Schumer, Gillibrand et al, selling Bernie Sanders down the river, complicit to electoral fraud. It's clear that NYC corruption and voter roll erasures gave the Red Queen the win! I will never vote for corruption or Clinton!

The convicted felon Sheldon Silver even hand-picked a candidate to replace him - open corruption! Freakin astonishing!


Back in September, I got a knock on my door in the middle of the afternoon. Two middle aged women politely introduced themselves as "volunteers" for the Democratic party and asked me who I would be voting for in the upcoming election. I stated that I would throw my support behind Bernie if he is still in the race. They thanked me and moved on to my neighbor. When my neighbor was confronted with the same question, he responded "Hillary", but rather than thanking him for his time and moving on, the two women entered his house and began registering him as a Democrat for the upcoming primary.
That's how big money can reinforce the status quo from early on by only registering voters who support the status quo. The Sander's campaign simply didn't have the resources back in September to be able to register millions of independents in anticipation of the upcoming primaries. In fact if those two women has appeared two months earlier at my front door, I would have told them that I find no difference between the two parties and had no intention of voting for anyone that the establishment had served up. I still wouldn't have been registered as a "Democrat" for fear of allowing too many independents enough sway to disrupt the coronation. The Republicans played the same tricks except with less enthusiasm as all of the Republican candidates were viewed as supporting the status quo regardless of who won the nomination. The fact that one of their candidates turned out to be a bombastic, racist, morally ignorant ego-maniac who appealed to the most bitter segments of the population was beside the point and even a blessing in that the media could turn its attention to the clown show known as the Republican Primary thereby averting attention to things like the major political issues of our time.
Again, it doesn't matter who wins the nomination in either party, as long as it isn't Sanders. Big corporate donations proved once again that democracy could be undermined to prevent outsiders from infiltrating the political process. No wonder why HRC has had such a smug demeanor from day one. The fix is in.


She doesn't live in a mansion. She doesn't live in an estate area in Westchester County. She lives in an upper middle class neighborhood in a relatively modest house compared to many in the surrounding region. She could afford a mansion now but when she moved to New York the Clintons had large legal bills. I believe friends helped buy the house where she still lives. Trump does have a Westchester mansion. It is more than 40,000 square feet. Now that guy is living it up.


"Friends helped buy the house?" Care to tell us if those friends work for WallStreet or any other corrupted enterprise? We all have friends - but they can't afford to buy their own house, let alone ours.


OH the poor Clintons, millions on Chelsea's wedding, and of course: Bill and Hillary take the Hamptons: Clintons to spend $100k renting Amagansett estate for the last two weeks of August as they attend $1k-a-plate fundraisers at the summer homes of wealthy donorsThe Clintons are spending their second summer in a row renting the $18m home of a Republican couple in the ritzy Hamptons town of AmagansettDuring their two weeks on Long Island, Hillary has at least four fundraising events scheduledOne event, a luncheon hosted by fashion designer Tory Burch, reportedly costs a minimum of $1k to attend "

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3198303/Bill-Hillary-Hamptons

The Clinton's didn't lose a night's sleep over legal bills.


Why don't you tell us what you really think?


Home team? The "big apple" went with corrupt party politics as usual! The pre-selected Dem nominee representing the 1% bamboozled the lumpen electorate with complicity of the media, party hacks & loyalists at any cost, and elected shills for more corruption and business as usual. Big-apple indeed - a wormy half rotten state dedicated to the 1% and profits over people!


Please define "upper middle class," and we will then compare it to the way most other
Americans live.

The Clintons paid 1.7 million dollars for their house in New York State.

Yes, I am sure most other Americans could afford that.


EXACTLY!!! Bernie's strong Brooklyn accent tells it all! He's a native New Yorker so these headlines are really ticking me off! The Home Team would be BERNIE -- not Princess Godzillary


Anyone hear the Fat Lady sing?

"The fix is in," yes. But the outcome is not yet 100% defined or determined.

In these times of anomalies, it's premature to count Sanders out... just yet.


Were you promised a job as maid in the White House if Hillary gets in? You've been filtering her dirty laundry here, in this forum, for some time.


He's part of the white male negative-72 rating for Clinton.

I do think the hatred of Hillary is scary and since she's more or less kin to Bush and the other warmonger, pro-corporate Presidents, the levels of hatred definitely smack of sexism and misogyny. Oh, and I am NOT a Hillary supporter. However, as a Feminist I am well-aware of how much hostility is shown for this woman. I detest her politics and I am quite aware of her pro-war stances and that she is part of the Machine that's ruined thousands, if not millions of lives. Still, there's something almost pornographic about the levels of hatred so many (white males) project at her.