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The Big Banks Can Be Beaten


The Big Banks Can Be Beaten

Sarah Anderson

When the 2008 financial crash slammed the New York City construction industry, Maribel Touré’s husband lost his job as an architect. On top of that, Maribel suffered a serious accident.

But what really plunged the family into financial trouble was sending their daughter to college.

As a child growing up in Mexico, Maribel’s father had repeatedly told her that la educación es la clave — “education is the key.” So she worked hard to obtain a college degree in Mexico and then moved to the United States, where she became a radiology technician.


The elite are figuring out the the bread and circuses routine has about run its course. This election's clown show has just been over the top of the circus tent. It shall be brought down.


Why is the USA taking so long to bring in a simple effective tax already in place in many European nations?


This Article is a synopsis of things that have been proposed many times in the past.

While this is true, the problem is not that there aren't enough funds to provide for college education for all as it used to be, but where the current funds are being diverted to because of the MIC.

The politicians just do the bidding of the industry that most bribes them. The system is broken, and no amount of additional funds from taxing trade with fake fiat is going to fix the system, unless there are metrics to measure corruption in the system, and accountability for the measures.

The government is printing fake fiat via the feds QE and that is simply serving the banks. This not reflected in the marked place, but is directly provided to the banks as profit. Studies have shown a direct co relation. The amount the banks report in profit is shockingly close to the QE printed.

So the system of money is bust as well.
Can we start attacking this instead?


Because the USA is an immature country in need of a spanking.


There is a way to at least get some slack against the big banks and their control of the currency.It would require one candidate to be a risk taking LEADER. Sanders could take it, but I'm afraid so could Trump! Now is the time to push hard into the political system the idea of a "Greenback Restoration." Since the Crash America is in protracted civilian austerity, repeatedly relapsing toward recession. Roughly 120 million middle income Americans (and 45 million poor) suffered severe losses in pay and home value. Republicans and Democrats passed phony “Recovery” acts that failed utterly to restore us. We 165 million Americans are still insecure, angrily waiting for our restoration!

A Presidential leader can order the Treasury to create greenbacks, electronically only, like the $ trillions created by the Federal Reserve and “quantitatively eased” (QE) into the gambling banks. Those $ trillions never got to consumers for them to inflate consumer prices. Never once, during QE, has the CP index risen to a troublesome level. Let Fox TV and the Republican “Freedom Caucus” of Congress, constipated by Kochs’ Institutes and PACs for National Debt Terrorism, whine about usurpation! Let them sue all the way to the Supreme Court that Republicans gridlocked by refusing to consider a Scalia replacement!

“Ooooh! You can’t just give people free stuff or money!” I’m not arguing that. Make us work for it. Paid work is ennobling at living wages. Blamelessly, many Americans can no longer be privately, profitably, productive! So find government - payable work, at living wages, for infrastructure maintenance, Universal Day Care, Health and Respite care assistants, etc. maybe second jobs for a family. Greenbacks can be paid out slowly for such jobs, with even a legitimate debt pay-off set-aside. They can also be merely deposited (without investment in government bonds) just to top off allegedly "insolvent" entitlement funds like Social Security, and Medicare. Current National Debt accounting rules are maintained by the Executive branch (Treasury Department.) They’re not Holy Writ!

Let American governments hire a few million people at decent wages and tax those wages! Hires will buy some stuff, pay their legitimate debts and taxes; the taxes will “trickle around,” up through local governments and down into services. Property values will rise slowly, and many will have a future again!


Maybe Bitcoin can beat them


The real potential for the entire premise of the block chain technology is looking better all the time.


Because of corruption. We have the best Congress money can buy.


Because the American Democracy is a sham. We have been a plutocracy since before the first Continental Congress. Please note that the presidents that have done the most for the American citizen have all been from wealthy families.