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The Big Education Fight In The Democratic Party


The Big Education Fight In The Democratic Party

Jeff Bryant

The “big economic fight” in the Democratic Party that news outlets are reporting isn’t confined to economics.

The link above takes you to a story in the Washington Post explaining how a “populist wing” in the Democratic Party is rebelling against the conventional wisdom of “centrist” Democrats who have dominated the party since the 1990s.

“Right now the populist story is winning,” the article concludes.


Education is too important a ship to be tacked this way and that way by political winds. The politics MUST be taken out of education. Public funding, yes! Political oversight, hell no! It takes true leadership to construct properly functioning nonpolitical governmental entities, but it is entirely possible (fire department, anyone?). Hire good teachers and fire bad administrators tout de suite!


Washington State Dems were the first state Democratic organization to formally pass a resolution opposing common core and its tests by a 2:1 margin. It is now part of our platform to oppose this ed-reform. But not all Dems agree. It's funny how the rich wing tends to disagree... hmmm... http://weaponsofmassdeception.org/8-options-for-real-education-reform/8-3-how-to-get-your-state-party-to-oppose-common-core


Thank you, Mr. Bryant for a truly well-written article.

This idea of "New Democrats" is essentially a repackaging of "Old Republicans."

Just look at the platforms of these chameleon sell-outs:

"The centrist New Democrats faction of the party Eskow refers to is the corporation- and billionaire-friendly bipartisan agenda that embraced “the magic of the market”, outsourced jobs through corporate giveaways like “free trade”, promoted fiscal austerity, pledged to be tough-on-crime, and vowed to make any recipients of government funds more accountable (“welfare reform”). Followers of this philosophy scorned labor unions and heralded the end of the “era of big government.”

"But New Democrat bipartisanship has not been confined to economics. The same big money, Wall Street-connected actors behind this bipartisan agenda for the economy have dominated education policy since the 1990s too."

The one thing that is avoided like a 3rd rail is the extent to which Charter Schools push Christian (only) curriculum and thereby violate that quite essential wall between church and state. I just sent off for Barry Lynn's book, "God and Government" to take in his information on this subject. It's completely under-reported and very dangerous.


Face it, charter schools were set up as a get rich quick scheme for people like the Bush's, Clinton's, Michelle Rhee and Arne Duncan. The amerikan sheep still haven't figured out that privatizing a government entity is nothing more than putting tax payer money and resources directly into the wallets of private business. What a bunch of maroons!


The "maroon" in this case is the individual who argues that what was done by the corporations and for the corporations somehow can be mistaken for a choice taken by "the sheeple."

Perhaps you'd care to educate yourself and reading about the findings of the "Gilens and Page" Study would be a good start. Essentially, this study proves that VERY little in the way of implemented policy reflects public wishes, sentiments, consent, or "free" choice.

Now go back to your boiler room and ask for a new set of Talking Points.


The mess education is in is part of the more general mess the nation is in as a result of the traitorous Democratic Party. Starting with Bill and Hillary Clinton and their DLC comrades the Party has been transformed into a clone of conservative Republicanism, minus the nutcases. The DLC really didn't cease to exist, it morphed into a group known as The Third Way and they are in the saddle and ride the Democratic Party:

Thanks to Bernie Sanders there is a chance at beginning a reversal of the damage done by decades of despicable establishment Democrats.


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Not to mention that Bill Gates and his charter schools cartel got Washington State voters to approve charter schools even though the state constitution does not allow them.


After the DLC was formed in 1985 and "the Democrats transformed into a clone of conservative Republicans" the GOP had no choice other than to become right wing extremists in order to differentiate themselves from the new Democrats.