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The Big Fix: Will the GOP Turn to Dems to Fix Obamacare?


The Big Fix: Will the GOP Turn to Dems to Fix Obamacare?

Robert Borosage
Senate leader Mitch McConnell has warned Republicans that if he can’t find 50 Republican votes to repeal and replace Obamacare soon, he’ll open negotiations with Democrats to “fix” the thing.

He intended this as a threat – a club to help round up the necessary support among Republicans for his original bill. Now, as push comes to shove, Republican Senate leaders claim they’ll put a marginally revised health care bill on the floor for a vote before the August recess.


In 2010 when they gave us the ACA corporate welfare program disguised as health care reform the Democrats controlled the White House and both Houses of Congress. Why would they give us anything different now ?

Two Senate Democrats voted to confirm Neil Gosuck when the GOP didn’t need their votes, so it won’t be hard for McConnell to peel a few off by throwing in tokens and cutting deals.


Let’s hope they don’t turn to the Democrats.

Better that they turn to the AMA, the NNU, the American People, the Green Party, the Socialists.

Anybody but the Democrats.


Yeah, well who better to collude with R’Cons and the ginger pig to sell-out the American people yet again but the corporate whore Dem establishment swine?

As far as your suggestions to “fix” the Obama corporate health care law, they/you are missing a few cojones - lets get the goddamn parasites and greed-driven profiteers OUT of health care period! Health Care is a human-right not a money trough as now! Eliminate the insurance industry, corporate health care/hospitals, reign-in the criminal big-pharma from the HC equation, and while we’re at it make lobbying by ex-elected officials especially, manipulating Congress to benefit greed and profits-uber -alles a hanging offense!


Yes. The only “fix” is single payer.


The Democratic elites will do nothing to promote single payer. The health insurance companies don’t want it so they don’t want it.


Emphyrio, Those are some fantastic campaign promises you have there. You should consider running for Congress.

Seriously, this country needs that level of honesty in it’s people in public service.


Single Payer ‘and’ Hand Counted Paper Ballots.


Thank you PB - I would not be part of that corrupt snake-pit - too many have gone in with decent intentions only to be corrupted to lose their humanity, honesty, and honor.
I always think of Lyle’s song - “me upon my pony on my boat” whenever I read your handle. Keep the faith, or what’s left of it…peace.


As the number of people on Medicaid decreases, some people may die, but the number seeking care in emergency rooms also increases. The emergency rooms cannot absorb the increased amount of uncompensated care, so they shift the cost to either self-pay individuals or to insurance companies. The latter in turn increase premiums, co-pays and deductibles for those who are insured. As these increase, more individuals and companies are priced out of the market to send more people to the emergency room to shift more costs. This what the Institute of Medicine, the medical branch of the National Academy of Sciences, had in mind about fifteen years ago when it said that the health care system in the United States is not sustainable in the 21st Century. The only sustainable system is a national Medicare for all program. However, we will not have it nationally until we have it in a state or two. As Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said in the 1930s, “The states are the laboratories of democracy.” Several states are working toward that goal-- California, New York, Colorado, Nebraska, and Ohio (SPANOhio.org); perhaps some others. Sooner or later, the richest country will join the remainder of the industrial world that now provide health care for all of their citizens.


Ever since Saint Ron’s revolution more states have become laboratories for fascism than laboratories for democracy.


There are enough Dino’s,… Heidtcamp, Manchin, Donnelly, etc. to put this travesty over the finish line. I really don’t know why this article was written. This is a slam dunk for the Rescums. This is nothing more than to get enough Dum’s to cross over and give slimeballs like Portman and Collins cover.


If the possibility arises that D-Party will help fix ObamaRomneycare, buy pharma and health insurance stocks.